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Part of the reason I participate in Weightwatchers is so once in a while I can induldge in a meal like the above. Those chili cheese fries are making me dribble. I know I can't eat like this everyday as I truly will get to the size of a house. But with the tools that Weightwatchers have equipped me with, I can stuff my face and still mantain my weight or maybe even lose a cheeky pound. You really don't have to give up your meals out as long as you're prepared to keep moving.

Here are just a few tips that I use in everyday life when I know i'm having a over-indulgent day - lets face it life would be very boring if these didn't exist! The extra 49 points prove to be a god send but sometimes they just aren't enough!

001: This was very kindly gifted to me by Weightwatchers and it's became my new favourite thing I wear it religiously and love to see the activity points building up. It really does make you more conscious to get your feet moving. It may sound silly but I always make sure I go to the toilet on the top floor at work as I have to climb two sets of stairs. It doesn'ty seem like much but it helps the numbers tick by. When I was in Berlin last week I clocked up 14 activity points!! I didn't feel to guilty about that shortbread!

002: These last few weeks my boyfriend and I have decided to go walking after dinner. It really does help your dinner go down and it's quite a nice time to put the world to rights. We only really pop out for half an hour but usually I earn about 3-4 activity points which always come in handy. I always find walking doesn't really feel like exercise and it's so easy to get carried away and walk for miles. Always good when you're trying to lose weight!

003: As many of you know I work in London so I like to make the most out of my lunch hour and have a wander around. I'm only a 10 minute or so walk from Covent Garden so I tend to head here. There's so much  to explore that I visit a different part each day. It's always a great way to exercise - see a theme here? Once again it's a fantastic way of building up activity points.

Last week I ate out several times in Berlin and scoffed that huge burger and still managed to mantain my weight. All because I decided to move more and sit less. Just think how much weight I could lose if I managed to control my eating habits at the weekend?! I'm on it like a car bonnet. Wish me luck as i'm hoping for my first loss since the beginning of December!

If you're on Weightwatchers, how do you earn your activity points?


  1. It made a huge difference to me, even buying some trainers this week to walk after work. Lets do this!

  2. I love going for a walk after dinner, it's such a good way to feel like you've made some effort to burn off dinner, plus it's nice to have some time to chat about the day and clear your head. I need to do it more often, hurry up lighter evenings! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  3. I would love to know how many steps I do a day - might need to get a pedometer. The Meat Liquor food looks so good! x

  4. I had been thinking about joining weight watchers i will defiantly be looking into it now.
    P.s now following your blog.

  5. Never tried chilli cheese fries but after seeing your image I may give them a try! I still need to even get to the point of putting the battery in my pedometer, really must get onto it! Would be interesting to see how many steps I do take a day!


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