Thrifty finds #4

I've not had the time to be trawling the charity shops and sadly it's not been car booting season so second hand finds have been a bit on the sparce side. Luckily my mum has been on the case

001: Brown cameo scarf pin
I have started to build up a collection of scarf pins when i'm out and about. They always look so pretty and you can always pick them up fairly cheaper. I'm like a magpie for any kind of jewellery. One day i'll get round to wearing them.
002: Celery, Onion and Cucumber pots
These have to be one of the ugliest yet amusing things around! I think they're fab and have been on the lookout for some for my bottom drawer since I saw my aunts collection. They remind me of my nan as her mint sauce version is one of my earliest memories as it was always on the table at dinner time. Funny how certain objects transport us right back to yesterday. I've got my parents to thank for these beauties.

003: Glass Tower Bridge salt and pepper pot
I adore quirky bits and bobs like this - things that look slightly out of the ordinary. This was actually given to my mum so we'll sharing! I love the fact it looks like the London landmark and has a little pot for mustard. Not that I eat mustard but I like little pots for EVERYTHING! It'll look so adorable for when I throw dinner parties. 

Have you found anything in charity shops recently?


  1. I need to get back into charity shop trawling, I haven't done it for about a year. Love the brooch :)

    Janine xx
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  2. I really need a day hunting round the shops, not done it for aaages. The posh villages around Cardiff have good shops where all the rich old ladies donate things ;)

  3. I need to have a good old rummage in the charity shops, I love finding a good bargain!

    Maria xxx

  4. The little scarf pin is so gorgeous! I found lots for the shop this week, but sadly nothing for myself :( xo

  5. oh wow, love the glass salt and pepper pot! great finds x

  6. The celery, onion and cucumber pots are so cute! I would have probably bought them too! xxx

  7. The celery, onion and cucumber pots are adorable, I need to find some good charity shops near me! Forever jealous of you lucky bloggers! xx


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