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Topshop navy and white polka dot midi dress - Donated by a very kind friend
Navy 3/4 length cardigan - Primark
Black and cream two tone pumps - Primark
Red plastic watch - Toywatch
Silver charm bracelet - Pandora

The plus side of having a fashionable friend is they unload their pretty clothes onto you. I was green with envy when my friend managed to snag this off eBay for a decent price - the ones i'd seen were going for £40 plus. You can imagine my delight when she offered me it FOR FREE! Of course I was the dutiful friend and told her to sell it on eBay but deep down I was screaming GIVE IT TO ME PLEASE! Luckily she's a bit of a diamond. This has my name written all over - the midi length gets me every time. I'm on the hunt for a red pair of shoes - can't believe I don't own any - and a red bag to make the dress complete.

I know i'm making a major faux paux - in my eyes anyway - by wearing black with navy but I didn't have any shoes to wear! They don't look too bad I suppose!

As you read this I shall just have landed in the hopefully sunny Bulgaria. Hopefully I'll be coming back with a killer tan! Wish you were here!


  1. it is bloody lovely, what a great find, don't let her go!! have fun in Bulgaria xx

  2. The dress is gorgeous on you, what a lovely friend you have! XO.

  3. Awww you look fab in that dress! xx

  4. that dress is 100% you, how lucky you have such a lovely friend! x

  5. Love this dress - its so you! x

  6. This dress is BEAUTIFUL! I always associate midi dresses with you :)

    Maria xxx

  7. Hope you're having a lovely holiday! :D

  8. Awww I wish I had friends as lovely as yours ;) I love this dress, didn't Fearne Cotton get papped in it? All the same you look amazing, and hope you're having a fabulous holiday! hashtag jealous haha <3

    1. Yes she did! That when I started lusting after it! There's a reason you're a fashion blogger Claire ;)

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