Holiday Outfits Part One

Getting my boyfriend to take pictures of me is like drawing blood from a stone. You'd think i'd asked him to support Manchester City instead of United the way he moans. So I decided to document my evening outfits on Instagram. To be fair you wouldn't want to have seen me sans make up and sweaty during the day!

001: Hawaiian floral cut out dress - Asos
002: Baby blue cotton sun dress - Asos
003: Red and white checked midi dress - Asos via Leather Lane Market

004: Chiffon green polka dot maxi dress - Asos
005: Blue gingham wiggle dress - Asos
006: Coral chiffon dipped hem dress - New Look

I'll do the second part in a few days - I don't want to overwhelmed you all. As you can see I stuck to my midi favourites. My Asos collection seems to be getting out of control! 

My photoshop skills leave a lot to be desired I know! 


  1. These dresses are beautiful!

  2. wow. you have so many lovely dresses. :)


  3. Wow, so many dresses to choose from! I think #3 is my fave :)

    The Style Rawr!

  4. Haha my boy is just as reluctant... I get lots of rolled eyes haha! Hope you had a gorgeous holiday, my fave dress of these is the ASOS gingham one :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  5. These are all lovely on you! I am so jealous of the red checked asos dress - I bought it but alas it did not fit me at all so I had to send it back. It looks amazing on you though!

  6. Midis really suit you Sophie! I know what you mean about getting other halves to take outfit shots -useless and uncooperative!

  7. you have a dress collection that i am very jealous of.x

  8. You've found some amazing dresses on Asos it seems, I'm never as lucky! :) My boyfriend hates taking my photos too! xx

  9. God bless ASOS, what a gorgeous collection

  10. I LOVE your ASOS midi dress collection, these are all lovely!

    Maria xxx

  11. Thank heavens for ASOS... They're all gorgeous!

  12. These are beautiful dresses :)

    great blog as always.

    Love Nafisah


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