Top five bootsale finds

The next in the series of my top five is gems i've managed to hunt down at bootsales. I'm a sucker for a bootsale and my mother and I try try to go them as often as we can. We both love a bit of secondhand junk! 

001. This has to be my all time favourite find at a bootsale. It was just 50p and I absolutely love it! It was in quite poor condition but my dad painted the frame and nailed the flyaway bits together - it came out just like brand new!

002. I've suddenly gone into full on nesting mode and have been buying bits and pieces for my future home. I have no intention of starting to save for at least another two years but best to be prepared though right? It might not be there by the time I move out - my dad doesn't agree with me! This is a little bit worn but I just think it adds to its charm. It's perfect for dinner parties!

003. I get so much wear out of this collar necklace, it seems to go with everything. I think i've definately had my money out of out for just a £1. Like i've said before you can get some proper gems at bootsales - they're perfect for magpies like me!

004. I dread to think how many brooches I own - i'm always picking one up here and there. I really think they can make an outfit and love to pop them on coats to add something a little extra. I pick up these three for only 50p each and admittedly I haven't worn them yet but they are so pretty! The three pearl one is my favourite.

005.This beauty was only £2. Bargain or what?! I've never heard of the make before but it feels such good quality. It's not often I find clothing at boot sales, it tends to be mainly bric and brac. Admittedly I've not actually worn it yet as I'm not a frequent jeans wearer but it's never going to go out of fashion - I've got plenty of time to wear it!

What's your best boot sale buy?


  1. Ah you've made me want to go to a carboot sale now! Love the jacket- that would've been around £40 in a vintage store, such a bargain!! x

  2. you've found some great things, I love bootsales! That jacket is great <3 xx

  3. that jacket is awesome, I can't believe you haven't worn it yet! I'd be parading around in it at least once a week.

  4. You've found some lovely things. You can't beat a boot sale, I'm keeping my fingers crossed tomorrow's dry enough to get to our local one. x

  5. Gorgeous bits, I love all the brooches especially! I wouldn't even know where to start trying to pick my top five, my new lamp would definitely be in there though! XO.

  6. I never get any finds...boot sales around my area are hard to find!

  7. That necklace is lovely :) I love the blazer too.. I need to find some car boots near me to visit!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  8. I've got a similar necklace to the collar one, but never know how to wear it... Ideas?

    1. I just usually wear it under a shirt-adds a little oomph :)

  9. I love that jacket,you can't go wrong with classic pieces like that!

    Maria xxx

  10. You're great at finding the bargains! I never find anything at car boot sales, I think I get there too late


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