Recipe: Jamaican Ginger Cake

This recipe is taken from the Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Cookbook. I have slightly adapted it as I already had the ingredients in the fridge!

100 grams of unsalted butter cubed plus extra for greasing the loaf tin
100 grams of dark soft brown sugar
3 tbsp golden syrup
150 ml of milk
1 large egg
150 grams of plain flour
Fresh root ginger - the recipe states to use 2 tsp of ground ginger
2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp of bicarbonate of Soda
75 grams of fruit cake mix - the recipe states to just use raisins but we had a packet of fruit cake mix hanging around!

 001. Preheat the oven to 150 degrees celsius / Gas Mark 2 / 300 degrees fahrenheit. Grease the loaf tin generously. Place the butter, sugar and golden syrup in a pan and heat gently until it has fully melted. Don't forget to stir!

 002. Add the milk and pour the mixture into a jug. Leave to cool for a few minutes. Then add the egg.

 003. Shift the flour, ginger, cinnamon and Bicarbonate of Soda into a large mixing bowl. Pour in the wet ingredients and carefully mix together. Then add the raisins - mine looks a bit pathetic as I forgot to take a picture and had to add a few more in ha!

004. Pour the cake mixture into the tin and cook for around an hour. I only cooked for 50 minutes as I have a fan oven. Pesky things! A clever way to test to see if it's cooked is to place a skewer into it and if it comes out clean it's all good to go!

 005. Place the cake on the wire rack and leave to cool before tucking in!

Admittedly it looks a tad burnt on top. Thanks again fan oven. But it was so moist inside and got a thumbs up from my boyfriend who would eat ginger cake like it's going out of fashion. I'd totally make this again - although not for a little while yet as it's no weightwatchers friendly!


  1. It looks so delicious!!! It seems easy to do ... is it? I wonder if we could follow each other...

  2. I love ginger cake, I really want to make some now!

    Maria xxx

  3. Ah I love this cake! Will definitely be baking some once my holiday is over and the threat of a bikini has disappeared! x

  4. Oh yummmmy! I love ginger cake so will totally be making this!

  5. My Dad loves anything ginger so I will have to try making this for him!
    Fan ovens are the bane of my life. We have a gas oven at home which is perfect for baking, but I know wherever I move in September will have a fan oven and I'm going to have lots of tantrums over burnt cakes!

  6. Ooooh I love a good loaf although I am always repeatedly making lemon drizzle or banana so will defs try this one! Congrats on your new job as well, you must be so chuffed!

  7. Mmm, this sounds good! I need to attempt more baking!


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