Casino Royale

I love any old excuse to throw on a pretty dress, have fancy hair and put my war paint on. After all, what girl doesn't?  One place where you can really go all out is a casino - we've all seen the elegant dresses in the casino movies. Casinos always seem like glamourous places - admittedly the only one i've been too is on a Christmas work party where we were handed a wad of fake money and told to blow it all!

With so many casino games to play, it's hard to pick a favourite. But if I had to choose i'd go for the Roulette wheel. I always play it safe and opt for black or red. I think i'm too much of a chicken to pick one number and risk it all. I've never really played any card games - only 21 and Uno! Have you ever played any games at the Casino?

Now onto the most important aspect - the beautiful dresses! I think the more glam the better to be honest. My personal favourite has to be the French Connection one. But at £250 it's a little steep. The gorgeous nude Asos one is a lot more purse friendly at £60. Now what can I sell to raise the funds for it....

Have you ever been to a casino? What would your ideal dress be?

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  1. Love all of these dresses and they'll be great for a wedding too. Never been to a casino myself x

  2. They all look stunning! I've never even been to a casino. I would just think of all the pretty things I could have bought with the money I had gambled away!

  3. Never been to a casino, not for me AT ALL!!
    Such lovely dresses, I agree w/ chelsey equally great for weddings. Love the first Miss Selfridge one.

  4. waaaaahhhh the Topshop dresses are all so beautiful! I want them ALL.

  5. I love all of these dresses! Beautiful :-) x

  6. we used to go to the casino when we were students drink all the free bubbly and eat canapes while the boys gambled. I like seeing the guys in suits, very Bond :) x

  7. The Asos one is calling out to me, very pretty.. I've never stepped foot in a casino before! x

  8. I've never been to a casino and I only ever play uno too really!
    However I would love to get my hands on allll of these dresses, especially the gorgeous pink Topshop one

  9. i've never been to a casino, not too sure it would really be my scene, but love all these dresses!


  10. i want all of these dresses!!


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