I'm going to paint you by numbers and colour you in

Denim Shirt: c/o Ellos
White v-neck t-shirt: Primark
Dusty pink skinny jeans: Primark
White plimsols: Vans

I meant to get this post ready last week but I was blessed with a stinking cold - I don't seem to get the sniffle but full on head cold where it feels like it's going to fall off - and I was also taken by suprise by a job offer! More on that later!

This was the denim shirt I was kindly gifted by Ellos. I've been after the perfect denim shirt for ages. I wanted one that was just the right shade, fitted enough to look right tucked in but not too fitted it looks silly undone and just the right length to not make me feel awkward about my child-bearing hips. This Ellos one ticked all the boxes! It has the perfect amount of stretch and feels lovely and soft on my skin. Once agin I think it's going to be a staple - everyone needs a denim shirt in their wardrobe. Ellos actually have a cracking sale on at the minute which is well work a little splurge!

So I have a job. A proper full-time permenant job on a magazine! To be honest I was beginning to think this day would never come. It's been a hard year doing internships since I left Uni and being offered short-term contracts here and there. I craved the stability so that I could get one foot on the career ladder and start moving up in the world. I actually went for this job last year but unfortuately didn't get it. I received a phone call last week to state I was actually second choice for the job and as the orginial candidate had left, was I interested in it! Needlessly to say I was shocked. My full title will be junior picture researcher on Love It! magazine and I can't wait to get my teeth stuck in. It shows if you have a dream, never ever give up. It might take a long time getting there but it will come true in the end. You've just got to have a little faith!


  1. You doing casual? Never thought I'd see it ;)
    Your faith, persistence and hard work has paid off, congrats on your job, you must be thrilled. So pleased for you x

  2. Glad to hear all your dreams are finally becoming a reality. Well done lovely.

    Loving the outfit too! Xx

  3. CONGRATS! you look lovely too. xx

  4. can i be your p.a? xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Love this outfit! Congratulations again!

  6. I love the colour of your jeans! I'm so happy for you getting the job too :) you really deserve it. XO

  7. Gorgeous outfit! and major job congrats! x

  8. congrats!! how exciting :) xx

  9. I've literally just tweeted you but again CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you and feel like I'm going to live vicariously though you and your blog even more now!


  10. Congratulations on your job. I'm in a similar position to you prior to your new career, I have a few questions if that's ok? what were you studying at uni? I'm doing my honours in commercial music but want to get into journalism, hearing about people getting magazine jobs without doing a journalism degree, is this the case with you? and also, how did you manage to intern for a year, i presume unpaid?! x

  11. Congratulations on the new job! x

  12. Lovely outfit! Huge congrats on the new job too!! That's amazing. You must be so happy :) xx

  13. so now you've got me singing the song 'you gotta have faith faith faith'! haha.
    BUT SERIOUSLY CONGRATULATIONS!!! i am so so pleased for you sophweee, really truly am! you'll do amazing!! :)
    and the colours of this outfit are lovely, i've never seen you looking so vibrant.. in a good way of course x

  14. Well done on landing the job!
    You look fab in those jeans, all that hard work has definitely paid off! x

  15. Thanks for replying to me! My twitter is @laurajaynesings :) Ah that's a bit scary for me then! I've got a lot of work experience and done a few internships at magazines, and doing my dissertation on music journalism, so hopefully that will be enough to push me where I need to be! Interning for free is scary though, I live 500 miles-ish from my parents :/ wish me luck! and congratulations again :) x

  16. those jeans are lovely on you! well done on the job!!! x

  17. I am so so pleased for you, can;t wait to see all of your workwear outfits!

    Maria xxx

  18. Ahh yay big congrats on the job Sophie! How exciting :) I'm still hunting for the perfect denim shirt, I tried on 4 in Topshop the other day and still couldn't decide if they looked right!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk


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