I like it in the city when two worlds collide

Orange and cream floral dress: Dorothy Perkins via choice
White crochet cardigan: Topshop
Coral bow pumps: Primark
Orange bag: Topshop

Summer seems to have made an appearence in September, an amazing 26 degrees today. I busted out this sun dress, the first time I have worn it this year with bare legs. I wore it to work but had to bring out the flesh coloured tights because it was too cold. It was a complete bargain. I saw it in Dorothy perksin for £35 but it was too much for my student budget. It popped up in Choice for £11 a few months later! It is the perfect summer dress. Such a nice length and as it is made out of cotton it is very light to wear. I look very matchy today!

Popped to Lakeside today to get a few last minute things for my holiday mainly for the boy. Suprisingly I didn't buy anything just a birthday present for my friend. I could have spent a small fortune in Primark (again) but the queue was awful and I wasn't in the mood to deal with all those people! I went out for an early dinner to the local Mexican and am feeling extremely stuffed. I had to nearly roll home, always a bad idea to go out for dinner completely starving. You always end up ordering far too much! I am now going to settle down to watch the X Factor to end the day.

How has your weekend been so far?


  1. Love this outfit, you look fab :).

    Sadie x

  2. Love love love this outfit. So far my weekend has been quiet! x

  3. Gorgeous dress, and so perfect with the shoes! Primark queues are a good way to end up not spending :p I had a nice day with my mum which ended with Indian takeaway, always a good thing (I only need to roll towards my bed at least!) xx

  4. love your matchy-match look! I have loved today's weather, so hot and fab.

  5. ooh like the colour scheme today! my weekend has been fairly mundane but not bad after a busy week :) x

  6. so cute!!! your cardigan is killing me!!! of course topshop. love this look

  7. You look so pretty! I love that dress and your bag is gorgeous!

  8. Wow, you look awesome,what an adorable sweetheart! I have to say this outfit perfectly suites your character.You look so adorable, and your bright smiles,so cute!Thank you for these wonderful looks, you have an amazing style.


  9. You look lovely :) great outfit xx

  10. I know what you mean about summer making a late appearance for a couple of days, crazy weather! Lovely outfit, love the coral colours x

  11. Such a cute outfit. I was shocked at the late summer bit last week too - the weather cant make its mind up! Scarlett x

  12. Gorgeous dress and lovely outfit in general! I was at a wedding on Saturday so I was glad the weather held

  13. I know, the weather was crazy hot yesterday?! Beautiful dress for it!

    Rosie x

  14. Love those shoes, so bright! I love a big bag too, I tend to carry so much junk around with me x

  15. Mexican is my favourite, especially enchiladas. Oh and chimichanga which I've more than likely spelt wrong.

    Wasn't Luke Lucas cringe?


  16. Sophie, you look gorgeous! I love that dress, you really suit that mango-y orange tone.

  17. your bag is AMAZING
    i need some more orange in my wardrobe ^_^
    Rosie xo


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