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I have started to collect Kelly bags or as my mum calls them "Queens bags" on my travels around charity shops and boot sales. They are the first thing that I look out for, cameo jewellery comes a close second. I just love the fact that they are so lady like as well as being quite roomy. Perfect for carrying my junk around! I have no idea if any of them are actually "vintage" so if anyone has some infomation about the time period they are from I would be very grateful! I thought I would give you a little peak at my growing collection!I brought this one at a boot sale for £2.99 off a stall that was full of old-lady things. I wish I had hunted further but it has started to rain and I was shooed away by the mother. It is in the worse condition out of my collection but it is black which is its trump card. I like to tie a vintage scarf around the handle to jazz it up. To be honest I think the fact it is a little battered adds to it's charm. I like things with history.

For some reason it looks so much more battered in the photo than it actually is in real life! This was my first Kelly Bag brought from a charity shop. I think it was about £4. It is slightly out of shape but again I think it adds to it's charm. I am going to wear this to my graduation in October.
Another purchase from a charity shop. This one came with a matching suede purse. I don't actually think it has ever been used, it is in near perfect condition. A bargain at £6. I love the rectangle clutch knob as it is a little different from the round knobs. Take your minds out of the gutter ;)

Finally I brought this during my trip to Brighton from Snoopers Paradise in May. As a rule I don't like to spend more than £10 on a vintage bag so I splashed out when I paid £12 for this! I think it was well worth it though as it is a beauty! I am not sure if it's actually vintage as the label says Cavela. I think maybe it is a modern bag with a vintage twist.

Do you have a favourite style of bag that you just can't seem to stop buying?


  1. Oh i love those style of bags <3.

    Sadie xx

  2. I don't have a style I keep buying.. I just buy every bag that I like lol. I have FARRRR too many!

  3. I have only a handful of bags, only 3 of which I even like. I don't have a bag buying problem, thank goodness. I love your collection, they are so ladylike and chic, but I don't think I could pull off the look. Sounds like you got excellent value out of them x

  4. They are such timeless bags and so stylish! I really love the nude coloured one x

  5. I love the nude bag! Really classic! xx

  6. oo, the beige one is really beautiful. Nice collection, isn't the design from the 40s? I may be wrong tho..

  7. what a great collection, love this style bag


  8. The third one is definitely my favorite! Such a pretty color! Great collection :-)

  9. those vintage bags are amazing.. ive been looking for one just like the black one recently, but prices went up and up on ebay! you got yourself a fabulous bargain!
    Rachel :D


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