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Floral dress with matching belt: Primark
Bow nude wooden sandals: Next
Vintage straw bag: eBay
Gold coloured bangles: Topshop and Primark
Red plastic watch: Toywatch

Ouch my legs look a bit red in these pictures! I only thought I got sunburnt on my back!

This straw bag is one of the best things I brought on eBay. I only paid £1.04 for it, think it came to about £3 with postage. It went with absolutely everything and is the perfect holiday bag. Just the right size to lug all my junk around! Unfortunately my poor shoes had broken before I had even got on the plane. I had to carry them in my hand luggage as they were too heavy for my suitcase. On the way to the airport I noticed the bow was flapping about! I tried to super glue it once I found the nearest supermarket next to our hotel but it didn't work. I looked like a skank because I had to wear them due to them being the only pair I took! I took them back when I got home and exchanged them for another pair. Hopefully these ones won't break, they are a perfect holiday shoe!

I went shopping over the weekend and hit up H&M. They really have stepped it up a gear this season and I could have brought the whole shop. I brought a beautiful orange midi skirt for work. It is made of such lovely material and was only £24.99. Got an outfit planned for that later on during the week :)

Lots of people commented on my orange dress in the previous post. It was a River Island special and I blogged about it here. :)

Did anyone do anything exciting over the weekend?


  1. I love this whole outfit, especially the pattern on the dress. It's a shame about the shoes, they're very pretty; hopefully those ones will hold out. Really nice outfit, and you look very summery in it! xxx

  2. What a shame they broke, they look great too. I can see why they went with everything.

    Cute bag and what a steal.

    X x

  3. You find some amazing dresses in Primark lady! Can't wait to see how you styled the one we both have... such a nightmare about those shoes though, argh! And yeah H n M has so many great Autumn things, I keep having to restrain myself when I'm there! xx

  4. You look so chic and lovely, what rotten luck about those gorgeous sandals. x

  5. Lovely outfit, you look great! Shame about your shoes, they're so pretty but at least you have a new pair xx

  6. Ooooh love the bag - what a bargain! Hope you had a lovely holiday, photos on your post before are just making me outrageously jealous and positively transparent!

  7. That dress is gorgeous, & i love the bag! Amazing for £3!


  8. fabulous outfit, that bag was a snip. hope your new shoes hold out, they look great. I wouldn't mind heading to your photoshoot location, palms in the background indeed, yes please!

  9. Pretty dress, the sandals look fab :) xx


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