A/W haul

001: Primark - £10
002: H&M - £24.99
003: H&M - £7.99
004: River Island - £34.99
005: Next - £12

I had a little spending spree over this last week, brought some new work clothes although I finish in London on 14th October. Logic much?

Ah well they will do for my next internship/job! Only one thing was brought from Primark, shocker! Must be a sign I am on full time money and no longer a student.

I adore the Primark blouse; they have come up trumps yet again. I love the cute Peter Pan collar. I did originally buy it in cream but it was too small. When I went to change it they only had this colour in my size. I think I prefer it to be honest.

I completely fell victim to visual merchandising with these two bits from H&M as they were both styled together in the window. This skirt is made from such lovely material and is so thick, perfect for the upcoming winter. I can see myself wearing this outfit to death.

Finally found some black trousers that actually fitted me after searching for about 10 years. Surprisingly they are from River Island which was one of the last places I thought would fit me. They are so comfortable and I have come to conclusion, as much as I love skinny trousers, this shape really does suit my figure the best. Still feel a tad self confident in them but I suppose you just gotta fake it eh?

Finally the only next sale purchase that I brought. As I didn't work sale preview I missed out on the chance to have a mooch around and put some things on hold. I could not be bothered to get up early when I was working the late shift so this was all I found as I wandered in about midday. Pretty pleased with it, love the little neck tie. I already have this in white with black trims as I brought it on uniform.

I think my A/W wardrobe is getting there!


  1. really like that green blouse with the bow! :)

  2. That skirt is lush. love the colour of it! Can't wait to be earning proper money again :( xx

  3. Big fan of the Primark blouse, what a bargain!

  4. I love the skirt and the green blouse! Lovely! <3<3

  5. I love the skirt and the green blouse! Lovely! <3<3

  6. That skirt is gorgeous, so Seventies. Can't wait to see you wearing all of it. x

  7. that primark blouse is lovely! I love the scallop detail collar.

  8. I love the white piping and collar on the primark blouse and the colour of the next blouse is gorgeous, love the neck tie detail! x

  9. The primark blouse is stunning, think I shall look out for that one.

    X x

  10. the final blouse is so pretty, love the colour x

  11. I love the blouses! I think I'm going to have to partake in a bit of shopping. My wardrobe is stuck in the summer! x

  12. I bought the same green blouse, i didn't have a chance to look at the preview either and was one of the only things i liked as well :)
    Love the primark blouse, its very similar to a pink one new look did recently only £10 cheaper :)

  13. Lovely buys; that Next shirt is gorgeous! And so cheap! I tried on that Primark blouse myself and desperately wanted to love it but it just didn't look quite right in the chest area. Sob! x

  14. Oooh love them all! Especially the orange H&M skirt, I was eyeing that up myself today

  15. But everything you got is so wonderful and so scrumptious! No buyer's remorse here!

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