We never had a heart to heart but you still call me up after dark

Floral dress: Topshop
Black chunky knit cardigan: Primark
Black tights: Marks and Spencers
Pink snakeskin chain handle bag: Primark
Cameo Ring: Primark
Flower earrings: Gift
Pearl necklace: Primark
Black brouges: Primark
Nail varnish O.P.I Strawberry Margarita
My posing looks awkward today! Its a shame you can't see the cameo ring due to the flash. The pictures were too dark when I took the flash off.

I had no clue what to wear today. It was one those days when I hated everything in my wardrobe. So I decided to have a rummage in my summer drawer to see if I could "winter up" some dresses. I found this little beauty. Its one of my favourite summer dresses, I brought it last summer when Topshop was not a faraway distant shop as it seems to be at the minute. It seems a bit of a shame to cover it up as it has an open back with a bow. But I think it looks just fine with a cardigan thrown over the top. I thought I'd paint my nails in a bright summer colour to match the dress and hopefully stop it from looking a bit dull. My lovely earrings were a birthday present off one of my friends. They are gorgeous and so "me"! The bag is not my usual style, it's years old and has just been collecting dust. But I think it helps to add a much needed pop of colour.

Im off to go see Black Swan finally with my friend which i'm looking forward too. I haven't seen her since we went to Flashdance in the West End so there will be lots to catch up on. It will be nice to be able to talk "girl talk" as all I seem to be surrounded by these days are the topics of football, sex, football, sex, football. Ah the joys of having a conversation with a group of boys! I am planning of stuffing my face with popcorn and M&Ms with a huge diet coke. Ahhhh heaven!

I also made a start on some coursework today, not a lot but still I managed to write 200 words and print off some research. Somehow the aspect of comparing the UK media to the US is not filling me with motivation! Ahh well needs to be done. I just need to get a pretty folder to start storing it in. I can feel a trip coming on to WH Smiths haha!

A heartfelt hello to all my new followers :) It means a lot that you like read my blog and I shall be, as soon as funds allow, be organising a little giveaway to say thank you!


  1. I can't believe I haven't followed sooner! You have such a lovely blog and I love your outfit! xx

    p.s I saw you mentioned you were doing work expo at Nuts, is that in the blue fin building? I did work expo at nme there! :)

  2. Love the dress and the colours you've chosen! I tend to wear the same things all year round and just add cardigans and tights when it gets cold - no trousers for me, no no! Obviously some dresses are summer-only but I don't see why others can't be worn when it's colder :) that nail varnish is gorgeous too, I need to get me some pink ones!

  3. I love this dress! I'm always afraid of wearing summer clothes in winter (frightened of freezing) but its such a good idea! Love the shot of colour from your bag :)

  4. I still haven't seen Black Swan, I hope you enjoyed it. Also, good luck with the rest of your coursework, it really is hard to get motivated and inspired sometimes I think


  5. That dress is so pretty! i love it with the chunky knit :)

  6. Beautiful blog. This pics are lovely :). If you want, follow me and I'll follow you :D

    Alla Moda e con Stile

  7. The dress is lovelyyyy, I like wintering up summer dresses but then also love saving them too ha make up ya mind xo.

  8. I hate those days where I think I've got nothing to wear! But, it looks like you pulled through because this outfit is quite cute and looks so pretty on you. I love what I can see of your wallpaper, too, haha!

    Hope you enjoy Black Swan, I'm trying to bring myself to see it but I might just wait for it to be released on DVD. x

  9. That dress is beautiful & I love your wallpaper!
    I saw Black Swan last week. Enjoy :)x

  10. Lovely dress, it's nice to get out something summery now in anticipation. I have the same cardy, it's lovely and cosy!

  11. i love your blog :) your so normal and real.. in a good way! mmm i loved black swan! its so deep tho. my boyfriend was a bit like WOW.
    ahahah xxxxx

  12. I love floral dresses they are great for every season and your dress is no exception xxx

  13. Ahh I have this dress too, it looks beautiful on you! This tends to be a dress I 'winter up' too haha. I love the bag, it's so bright!

  14. Your floral dress is so pretty!


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