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I am completely in love with the SS11 collection at Primark. They have really stepped up their game. In fact i'm choosing to shop there now instead of having too because of lack of funds. In my opinion it does not "look" like Primark. My friends are always shocked when I mention my outfit is from Primark, the beach print dress as a prime example. My Primark is still a bit rubbish but I recently went to the Marble Arch branch and it was amazing. I'm planning a special trip there when I get paid.

These are a few pieces on my wishlist!
I need this skirt! I don't think I would wear with it with that jumper, it just seems to heavy. It is even better in the flesh and such a bargain at £16. Seriously this needs to be mine!I adore this whole outfit. Those platforms are too die for! The hat will be perfect for my holiday and it is only £4. I am loving all these knee skimming dresses and skirts, I think Im too old to be flashing my bum now. I prefer to be a bit more ladylike!
I am having a serious love affair with wide leg trousers and due to my height they should be perfect. I am 5ft 8. But I'm not sure if they will be that flattering. I am bottom heavy and I just don't know if they will suit my large bum! I suppose I will just have to try them on! It is my favourite colour combination of red and navy too!
I spotted this dress in Look magazine this week and it only intensified my need for it even more! Again what a perfect outfit to wear on holiday! It is a tad expensive at £17, I remember when Primark dresses used to be a tenner max! But they are improving their quality so it is justified.
I have been on the look out for this for ages! It was supposed to be in stores at the end of Jan but I have yet to come across it. If anyone finds it in a London or Essex store will you please let me know? I need to own this and Ill get my boyfriend to make a special trip to where it is! Ill bribe him with Pie and Mash, it usually works haha!


  1. I saw some of these pieces in store, Primark are amazing right now!

  2. I haven't seen the bottom dress either, I've been keeping a peeper out and just haven't seen it! Maybe Oxford St.?

  3. Haha pie and mash - what an offer! That would make me do anything :) They have improved haven't they, Primark, I especially love those platforms and that pink dress, mmm-mmm! My local Primark is pants too but I'm not far from Meadowhall (hurrah) and that usually comes up trumps! jazzy ♥

  4. Yet another reason I'm jealous of the UK! I've seen their lookbook on several blogs, and I'm so in love.


  5. @Oliva Grace. Yeah I thought Oxford Street but it wasn't there! Im going there on the 26th so Ill keep my beady eye out!

    @Claire Yes Pie and Mash is the best! Its his favourite food and makes him moan less when I drag him out shopping haha! Ive been to Meadowhall once and didnt not know where to start! Its amazing haha!


  6. Oh gosh, Primark seems to be doing SO well lately with their ranges, don't you think? I don't usually buy anything from Primark but lately I find myself actually wanting to try on their things - they must have put a new team of designers or something, haha! x

  7. Im loving the whole wide leg trouser trend at the moment i got a pair from next as uniform. They are so comfy, im a pear shape and they're really flattering as they can be worn high waisted, so try them :)
    I love the beach print dress you bought, im pretty sure the staff at the primark near me are fed up of me asking if its in stock yet.

  8. I haven't been in Primark for ages but these pictures are lovely... they do come up with some gems sometimes! Ah, I need to go shopping.

  9. I'm hopefully going to Primark next week to stock up on some new SS pieces! It all looks lovely, definitely.
    And with regards to the nail effects varnish, I overlapped and it was fine - it was when I didn't put enough on that it didn't work. Hopefully next time will be perfect :)

    Rosie x

  10. the last dress / skirt is so beautiful! i agree that primark has got quite a bit more expensive recently, sometimes i just can't justify spending my money in there, but i could totally make an exception for this! xxx

  11. Right that's it lm off to primarni tomorrow. I can scarcely BELIEVE this is rhe same shop that flogs jeggings. Great choices.

  12. i haven't seen any of these in the flesh yet but i love the last dress and i'm definitely going on a hunt for the first platforms.

    ps. I have about that much to write too :/ i figured get it done today though and i can reward myself tomorrow at the thrift store! x

  13. Yeah, I've been on the lookout for a few of these too! The sandals are incredible and I really want some, but I've got no money... :(

  14. Hey Sophie- just discovered your blog! :)It's really cute, I like your style- all the pieces your picked from Primark are really awesome, ESPECIALLY the last one!! When you find out they have it let us know! :) I sure will be stopping by again soon! :)


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