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I have been meaning to do this for ages. I have been awarded the stylish blogger award by two lovely ladies, Charlotte and Amy you should check out their blogs! :) Thank you!

My seven facts that are not that interesting haha sorry girls!

1. As much as I love The Strokes, Bloc Party, Libertines and We are Scientists. Deep down my all time favourite band, much to the disgust of my friends, is the Backstreet Boys. There I said it. I have been completely in love with Nick Carter since I was 9. I have managed to see them 3 times, each time better than the last.

2. I am an ebay freak. I am obsessed with selling things on ebay, so much so that when I visit people houses I take their rubbish home with me. My ebay listings are extremely random. I am at the Post Office so often that they know me by name!

3. I don't like tea or and hot drinks. I tried Tea at The Ritz but could not manage to drink it. I just do not like the taste. Give me diet coke any day!

4. My favourite programme is Sex and the City. I have watched it god knows how many times. I still think Carrie should have stayed with Aiden.

5. I adore high heels, the higher the better. But alas I cannot walk in them. I am famous in my group of friends for falling over. They even have a bet between them on what time I will fall over during a night out.

6. I used to be a complete tomboy. I regularly went to watch West Ham with my dad and at one point could tell you anything about football in any league. I spent my life in tracksuits, my favourite one used to be a bright orange Kappa one. I thought I was Sporty Spice.

7. I love gigging. In fact I could go to a gig everyday and would choose it over clubbing anyday. I have been neglecting live music for the last few years. In my younger days it was all I used to spend my money on. However I have decided to get back into the swing of things. I have three lined up already this year and am looking to add to it. I NEED TO SEE THE STROKES!

I have tagged:
All the girls above have amazing style and I would love to raid all their wardrobes!


  1. you deserve it, such a lovely blog! x

  2. What fun facts! :) I was a ginger spice, em, because I was ginger.. how inventive! haha!

  3. Haha I was a complete tomboy too! Now I conceal it beneath dresses and skirts but deep down I'm still that tomboy...I just discovered ebay but I feel I'm more of a buyer than a seller, oops! Thanks for the award lovey xx

  4. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    i love weheartit it was such a good idea<3

  5. Thanks for tagging me in this hun, it's really sweet! I hate hot drinks too and everyone thinks it's made. I can just about drink hot choc if it's uber nice but it's not like you can go round drinking that all day. I Love SATC too and can't wait in heels either, I always fall over

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  6. haha i love this, especially your ebay obsession! i love ebay too, but i'm not as bad as you! you're very quirky, i like that. x

  7. Oh, I'm also a disaster in high heels! I keep thinking I'll get better but I don't. I'm not with you on the tea though... I live on tea. I would probably choose tea over food. ; D

  8. I am completely addicted to ebay too! In fact, I spent a better part of the morning today trolling around (to which my hubs comments, "how can you spend that long shopping?!?!"...silly, silly man). SATC is my all time favorite show...I want to BE Carrie (at the very least have her sense of fashion and wardrobe :))


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