22 grand job, in the city it's alright

50s style dress: Primark
Velvet cropped jacket: Topshop
Tights: Primark
Patent square toed shoes: Next
Jewellery: Tiffany
Watch: Toywatch

This dress is a payday treat. Its the only thing I am going to buy this month. I really need to start saving. It has been sitting in my Primark for about a week in my size, must have been a return as it was the only one. It was fate that it became mine! I love the print on the top. Ugh my face looks so rough haha! I don't cope with hangovers very well! I could not be bothered with my hair so just scrapped it back. Effort is not my friend today!

I am extremely hungover. Still. I blame the 6 hour shift at work which was torture! Luckily I was hidden in the stockroom so was away from all the hustle and bustle! I got some amazing news at work today. I no longer work the weekends as from 20th march. Result, no more hangovers at work! Woop woop haha!

A quick outfit post of what I am wearing tonight. I'm going out for a chinese buffet with some people from work. I so need this, hopefully it will sort my hangover out and stop me from being such a wimp. I am planning on stuffing my face to the max. I have to get my moneys worth haha!

Hope you all have a lovely evening!


  1. oooh can't believe that frock is primark! looks so lovely on, love the toywatch too :) i went to see the rakes a couple of years ago! had completely forget about them!xx

  2. There's nothing like a good chinese takeout to cure hangover blues haha! Stock up on prawn toast, my fave :) jazzy ♥

  3. I wouldn't have ever guessed Primark could do a lovely, whimsical fairytale print like that! It's gorgeous! Hope you enjoy your night out

  4. Lovely outfit <3
    I love your wallpaper!xx

  5. i love this outfit :)



  6. hurrah for not working weekends! i hatehatehate working my saturdays, i only have to do one in 3 but they are such a drag.

  7. That dress is sooo pretty! You look lovely
    Hope you have a great time eat as much Chinese as you can!

  8. that dress is so cute. the print is really nice.

  9. love the print on this dress!! :) x

  10. You would never know you were hungover.. you pretty cool to me and I love the Topshop dress below!

    Great news about the non working weekends too

    ching ching :)

    joanne xx

  11. Chinese definitely works wonders...and also sausage sandwiches I find!

    Looking lovely m'dear :)xxx

  12. You look beautiful Sophie, nothing like a good Primark dress, right? :P COngrats on not having to work weekends, I bet that will be super nice, all those lie ins! :)

  13. the dress is gorgeous, a perfect treat and a great find! I would totally be unable to cope at work on a hangover, I'm such a wimp and lover of sleep!!

    Bow Dream Nation xx

  14. yay for free weekends! i'm happy for you! and i love your dress, the print over the bodice is so sweet

  15. Love the skirt and the top. It looks really great on you! X.


  16. Hi there-hope your Chinese meal was delicious, thats a lovely outfit too! Thanks for stopping by with your lovely comment as well! x

  17. Got to love a bit of The Rakes!
    Great dress x


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