Neon coral cropped jumper: Topshop
Navy pleated midi skirt: Closet via market
Navy tights: Primark
Navy suede stacked heeled loafers: Next
Red plastic watch: Toywatch
Pastel floral necklace: Random shop in Brick Lane
Cream flower earings: Primark

Sorry about the dark photograph but I really liked what I wore to work yesterday and wanted to get a snap of it. Cropped jumpers are so far out of my comfort zone it's unreal but I managed to snag this in the Topshop sale for a tenner and thought I could try and make it work. I love the way it sits with my midi skirt although it does make me feel quite bulky as it's a box shape - the reason why my arms are down like a soldier! I love the colour of it so much and have an idea to pair it with my white chiffon dress when it gets a bit warmer. For something that's such a bright colour i've got a feeling it's going to go with a lot of outfits! I picked up the skirt from a market, think it's a second as the zips a bit funny but that's fine with me as the rest of it is really good quality plus it's a brand i've heard off!

Not much to report on this week, it's beeen a quiet one and will continue through to the weekend. I'm skint to the max so shall be hiding out in my house until payday.

Quick question, do you like outfit posts like this? Or would you perfer them outside? I do try to take them outside but don't always have time to fit them in. I post indoor ones so I can post more often. Quality over quanity? I'd love to be able to do full on photoshoot in exotic locations! Shall I go for an adventure and take some photos?

Have you all had a good week?

Top five charity shop buys

I thought i'd put together a mini series of my top five starting with charity shop buys. Much to my boyfriends disgust I love to have a rummage in a charity shop. I don't go that often - maybe every couple of weeks? But i've found some goodies, I should think i'd find more if I made it a more regular thing.

I have no idea if any of these things are actually from another era, if any of you know please let me know! I'd love it if i've brought some genuine vintage!

001: This necklace is a little grubby but I think it just adds to it's charm. Plus it was only £1.99 so it was a winner all round. I've found it's quite unusual to find silver cameos so was quite lucky to pick this up. It's fairly big so it makes quite the statement when it's around my neck. I don't know what it is about cameos but I just think they're so beautiful and elegant.
002. I brought this jar just because it was pretty and I had no idea what to do with it! I've ended up storing all my bangles in it on my chest of drawers so it came in handy after all! I think this was £2. I'm pretty sure it originally came with a lid but it was nowhere to be found in the shop!
003: I love this and am trying to find the perfect coat to pair it with! It's just plastic - i'm still waiting to find a real cameo in a charity shop - but it's still so lovely. At £1.99 it would have been rude to leave it behind! Brooches and jewellery are my first port of call in a charity shop.
004: I brought this for about £3 I think. Not actually used it yet as I brought it around October last year and it's much more of a summer bag. I'm planning to get it out quite a lot as the weather warms up.
005: This is one of my more recent purchases. I just love the colour of the stone in the middle, it's so pretty. Complete bargain too at only £2.50. I can imagine it would look lovely under a collar - just need to buy some clothes with collars! I don't think it's real gold which is fine by me!
What's been your favourite charity shop buy?

A snapshot #13

001. I sold quite a bit on ebay and treated myself to a few things on asos. I've became quite addicted to Asos recently, I think it's because you know that when you go out ,hardly anyone will look the same. Everyone seems to shop in Topshop in my town so everyone looks like clones! The dress was only £19 in the sale. Result!

002. The said dress modelled by moi! I don't know if you can see but it has a cut out waist. Midi dresses can sometimes look a little frumpy if not paired with the right thing but this quirky detail gives it a little extra. I can't wait for the sun to reappear to I can wear it out.

003. I met up with Hannah and Lily for dinner one night after work to go to The Diner, just of Caraby Street. I was so impressed! My first time and I love it! I went for the Californian burger with chilli cheese fries. Delish! Well and truely enjoyed stuffing my face with great company!

004. This is what I had for dinner when I met up with a few old school friends. The pub really does do the nicest food. They have this rock grill where you get to cook your own steak (or cheese in my case) how you want it. Paired with roasted veg, chunky chips and sweet chilli sauce, it makes an amazing meal!

005. This is hail stones! Crazy right?! They came hammering down one day like a beast, it was so so loud! Come back beautiful sunshine!

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