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Gingerbread print mint dress: Asos
Black thick tights: Primark
Gold buckle smoking slippers: New Look
Black cardigan: Primark
Black Marc Jacobs solid perfume Daisy ring: Gift from grandparents

My nan sadly passed away on Thursday, exactly two weeks to the day she was diagnosed with cancer. Thank you all so much for your well-wishes, it really does mean a lot. I feel surpisingly ok to be honest, i'm just so glad her suffering's finally ended and she died at home surrounded by the people who loved her. She would never have wanted to live like that and she was in so much pain. I won't remember her like that, it wasn't my nan. My nan used to make the nicest mince pies in the world, used to sit on the floor so her beloved dogs could sit on the sofa, always sit in the garden as soon as the sun came out and who always had a house full. Not many people can say they made a difference in someone life but my nan could numerous amounts of times. As a foster parent she gave so many children a stable home often when they had no one else in the world. Glad you're finally at peace Nanny Dogs. 

I first came across this dress thanks to Sarah - that girl does find some right gems! I immediately had to have it and went a bit mad selling on ebay until I had the cash. Gingerbread Men are my favourite cake to eat - as a child my mum always used to bring me back from shopping. In fact she sometimes does now! It's a lot shorter than I would usually wear but that's nothing a pair of tights doesn't solve. Asos is really starting to suck me in, every spare penny I make on Ebay is currently going on dresses from that site - why did I never really discover it before?!?


A snapshot #14

001. I was treated to dinner tonight by the boyfriend. We were orginally going to the Toby Cavery but the queue was massive so we opted for a local pub. What a good choice it, these mini burgers were amazing! We popped to see the new American Pie film after dinner which is absolutely amazing! Go see it!

002. Pretty new shirt i've aquired recently as work uniform. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this!

003. I tried by hand at baking for the first time and attempted a Victoria Sandwich. It came out a little burnt on top but this didn't put anyone off. As you can see it soon got eaten! I think I much prefer cooking actual dinner than baking. Baking makes my arm ache!

004. New shoes! I seem to have gone a bit mad recently and ordered 6 pairs of shoes in the last couple of weeks. I am one of these people that will wear shoes until they literally fall off my feet so I should be stocked up for a good few months - it was well overdue.

005. What online shopping addiction eh? I've had to curb down my spending for this month but on the plus side I have lots of lovely new things to blog about ha!

006.  Just a few things i've picked up in a charity shop recently. I don't quite know why I needed to own some sherry glasses but I figured they'd look lovely on display in my future home. Plus they were only a pound for six so it'd be rude to leave them behind.

In the leopard's den

Black woolly roll-neck:
Primark Leopard print midi dress: Topshop
Black tights: Primark
Heeled leather ankle boots: Topshop
Gold coloured necklace: H&M
Black sparkly cocktail ring: Primark

Sorry for the large gap in between posts. I've had some bad news recently so blogging's not really been top of my agenda. My nan's suddenly been taken seriously ill so i'd much rather spent my time visiting her then taking pictures of myself. Posting will be a bit sparce over the next few months but please do stick with me guys! Enough of that depressing news and onto the outfit.

I usually wear this dress with a cardigan but had been looking for different ways to wear it. Anyone else wear the same outfit combinations over and over again? I never seem to mix and match. Given that we've suddenly experienced dreadful weather - i'm thinking of building an ark - i've been needing to 'winter' my clothes up. Complete rubbish beens I have so many summer dresses taunting me everytime I open my wardrobe up. I'm quite happy how this has worked out and it's the perfect outfit to keep warm at work. I've been running scared of polo necks recently in fear that they make me look like frump. Kinda ironic given my love of granny clothes.

Are you running scared of polo necks too?

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