Black and white

Black and white striped jersey dress: Primark
Black tights: Primark
Black 3/4 length cardigan: Primark
White plimsols: Vans
Chunky pearl necklace: Passed over by the best friend
Why do I look like a duck in the first picture...

This dress is hands down one of the best things I have ever brought. It was £8 and I want to wear it everyday! It's so comfy and makes me look like i've made some sort of effort even when i've just rolled out of bed! Primark needs to make it in every colour! My best friend donated this necklace to me, she said it seemed like my sort of thing. Knows me so well!

Off out for dinner tonight with one of my oldest friends, she's back for a week from Uni in Leeds so it will be a well deserved catch up. I don't see her nearly enough! Mad to think that after 19 years of friendship - we met at school aged four - we still have things to chat about. It's one of those friendships that although we may not see each other for months at a time it's like we've never been away. She's a keeper eh?

Nearly the weekend yet again, do you have any plans? I'm being a fatty and going out for dinner twice. Standard.

Katch PR press day

A few weeks ago I was very kindly invited along to the Katch PR press day to lust over lots off beautiful clothes. I, of course, accepted the invite as it also gave me the chance to have a good old natter with Hannah and Lily. It's always nice to catch up with my blogging favourites!
The press day was tucked away down Ganton Street at one of the most amazing venues I have ever been too - It felt like I was stepping into a circus and I can only imagine what it will be like once it's in full swing - I bet it'd be a fantastic night out!
As I walked in there were rails upon rails of amazing clothes but it was the gorgeous Cleo B shoes that caught my eye! I'm a sucker for brightly coloured shoes and these were gorgeous! I was also very impressed with the Maisha bags, I love a clutch for a night out on the tiles. They really make an outfit!
As well as pretty clothes and accessories there was pampering sessions to be had with spray tans, eyelash extensions, threading and manicures all to be had held by The Portobello Studios. Unfortunately I arrived quite late - the perils of a full-time working girl eh?- so I couldn't take advantage. But Hannah mananged to squeeze some threading which I watched in awe ha! They looked great once they were finished. I think I might book myself in to have the treatment, I am the worlds worse at plucking my eyebrows. Can never be bothered and hide behind my fringe!
Thank so much for inviting me Katch and it was lovely to meet Amy aka Wolfwhistle!

Flower power

Black sleeveless shirt: H&M
Floral cropped trousers: H&M
Black round toed court shoes: Primark
Gold coloured necklace: H&M
Gold and turquoise statement ring: Topshop

I do feel like a bit of a blogger cliche in these trousers as EVERYONE seems to have them. But they're pretty lush eh? Plus they were only £12.99 which was a complete bargain. The shirt was only £7.99, who knew H&M had Primark prices? I'll have to pop in there more often. I'm completely in love with this trousers much to the disgust of my boyfriend who turned his nose up at them when I got home. He's an old fashioned boy at heart!

I'm braving this outfit on the streets of Essex tonight and as always I suppose I'll look overdressed for a night out on the town. I.E I don't have my bum or boobs hanging out. But that's just how I like it. I've decided to take advantage of the bank holiday so have rebelled and am going out on a Thursday night, it will be so nice to see everyone for a catch up and have a bit of a boogie. I don't think my liver will thank me in the morning.

Have you got any plans for the Bank Holiday weekend? I'm popping down my nans today with a homemade lasagne for her and my grandad plus having a bootsale on Sunday. Rock and Roll lifestyle.

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