Top five charity shop buys

I thought i'd put together a mini series of my top five starting with charity shop buys. Much to my boyfriends disgust I love to have a rummage in a charity shop. I don't go that often - maybe every couple of weeks? But i've found some goodies, I should think i'd find more if I made it a more regular thing.

I have no idea if any of these things are actually from another era, if any of you know please let me know! I'd love it if i've brought some genuine vintage!

001: This necklace is a little grubby but I think it just adds to it's charm. Plus it was only £1.99 so it was a winner all round. I've found it's quite unusual to find silver cameos so was quite lucky to pick this up. It's fairly big so it makes quite the statement when it's around my neck. I don't know what it is about cameos but I just think they're so beautiful and elegant.
002. I brought this jar just because it was pretty and I had no idea what to do with it! I've ended up storing all my bangles in it on my chest of drawers so it came in handy after all! I think this was £2. I'm pretty sure it originally came with a lid but it was nowhere to be found in the shop!
003: I love this and am trying to find the perfect coat to pair it with! It's just plastic - i'm still waiting to find a real cameo in a charity shop - but it's still so lovely. At £1.99 it would have been rude to leave it behind! Brooches and jewellery are my first port of call in a charity shop.
004: I brought this for about £3 I think. Not actually used it yet as I brought it around October last year and it's much more of a summer bag. I'm planning to get it out quite a lot as the weather warms up.
005: This is one of my more recent purchases. I just love the colour of the stone in the middle, it's so pretty. Complete bargain too at only £2.50. I can imagine it would look lovely under a collar - just need to buy some clothes with collars! I don't think it's real gold which is fine by me!
What's been your favourite charity shop buy?


  1. Lovely finds :) I haven't found anything good for a while, apart from quite a cool going out dress. I dream of finding some Ferragamo flats in a size 6... xx

  2. Great finds! I very rarely buy jewellery in charity shops, possibly because I am boggled with the sheer quantity on offer. Too much choice!

  3. That jar is just the cutest! My all time favourite charity shop find was a vintage mid-length 'wedding' dress which I used to wear as a lacy dress for formal occasions.


  4. I love the last necklace and agree it would look great under a collar xxx

  5. Lovely bag. Love the last necklace.

  6. You have some lovely cameo pieces.

    X x

  7. I love that necklace, a brilliant find xx

  8. I love cameos too, they are so classic that they go with EVERYTHING!!

  9. Love the cameo necklace! I find some great leather bags in chairty shops, love a good rummage x

  10. love the jar! I would've totally picked it up too without really knowing how I would use it. perhaps use it as a vase? storing bangles is a good idea though! :)

  11. I love the cameo necklace :) I need to get better at charity shopping!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk

  12. I love ALL of the necklaces. I just love cameos and that stone necklace is stunning xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  13. Hey dear, u have really interesting posts. I like ur amazing photos the most. Visit me when u chatch up some free time. xo xo

  14. Ooooh Sophie these finds are lovely! That jar is so pretty, it'd look really nice with a candle in :) ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  15. Gaah, I love that jar! I'd just use it to put flowers in :) My latest favourite charity shop find is my 50s formica table & chairs! XO.

  16. I bought a hollister top for £2.50 which retails in the UK at £20! and a BRAND NEW WITH THE TAG STILL ON David and Goliath top for £3 which retails at £25. Not to mention a New Look suit jacket for £2.50,an Old Navy Canada polo shirt for £2.50! Im so happy! I've saved loads of money and they're all in good condition so it looks like I've just bought them!


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