Music Monday- You are my sweatest downfall

Regina Spektor
I first came across Regina in the beginning of my Strokes obsession. I came across a duet that she did with the band and investigated her further. I fell in love with her voice and made it my mission to download everything that I could. For some reason I very rarely listen to female singer and I should make more of a effort to find out about some new ones.


Russian born Miss Spektor draws inspiration from folk, jazz and classical music. Her songs often include literary references, my favourite song Samson is about the herculean figure whose strength is in his hair. He falls in love with a woman named Delilah who betrays him by calling for a servant to shave his hair while he was asleep. Reginas song tells the story through the eyes of Delilah. I have listened to this song on repeat many a time, it is such a beautiful song.

She is what I would refer to as "soothing" music. This means that she is incredibly easy to listen too in the background, it is not too loud nor frantic. She is great to listen to while coursework needs to be done, a bit of background noice that is not too distracting from the task at hand.

I leave you with Samson.

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Soap and Glory

Soap and Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths

I adore soap and glory, its my favourite "smellies" brand alongside Lush. I tend to buy Soap and Glory more just because its stocked in my local Boots whereas the nearest Lush is about half an hour car ride away. I love the smells, packaging, quirky names of products and the fact that it actually does make a difference. It does what it says on the tin! I got an insane amount of Soap and Glory products for Christmas and many of them I have never used before so i've decided to do a review of each one. I know its a fashion blog but I honestly love smellies as much as clothes! I can spend hours in the bathroom!

My boyfriends sister brought me this lovely gift set for Christmas with so many goodies inside. Look how massive the big sponge thing is! I was so pleased to open this, she knows me well haha! I love the shape of the wash bag, its just the right size to fit all my toiletries for when I go away.

Along with it came some Soap and Glory Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths that I have been wanting to try for a long time. I haven't yet because as a student they are too expensive for my budget! I cannot wait to splash out certain things once I have a real job!

At the minute I currently use Boots own band of facewipes (pictured below). This is only because I am cheap and they are always on offer. Currently they are three for £3. Ive been using since I was in school so for about 5 years. However I have found recently that they tend to be quite dry (even when first opened) and have began to hurt my eyes when I try to remove stubborn make up. There does not seem to be alot of mositure in the wipes. Im sure the scrubbing is not doing my wrinkles any favours!

First off I really like the fact that the pack has a plastic cover as there is nothing worse then the lid pealing off and the wipes are all dry as result the next time you go to use them! When I opened them up the smell reminded me of toothpaste, it was minty fresh smell. It is a really strong smell. Im not much of a fan of mint but thats just personal choice. I used kids bubblegum flavored toothpaste until was about 18 because I hated the taste haha!

The make up remover test:

I dont wear that much make up during the day. I only use concealer, bronzer and mascara but cake it on when I go out of an evening so im not sure how the wipes work with lots of make up on. But I found when I used the wipes that they were full of moisture and did not feel rough on my skin. They were slightly textured and were a good size. They didnt feel as rough on my eyes as the Boots ones have recently and my eyes did not sting afterwards. They were very good at getting every last scrap of make up off. I really like the fact as well that they have a built in exfoliator so your skin is getting two work outs. Overall I think I would buy them again, I got used to the minty smell and it doesn't bother me anymore. They feel a lot softer on my skin and I think they are well worth the money. Im a convert!On a side note Ive tried out a new nail varnish that I got for Christmas. Totally Teal by No7. Im not too sure, I dont know if it suits me. I love it in the bottle but don't know if its too dark. Im going to leave it on anyway to see if it grows on me. Sorry for the blurry image!
What do you think? Yay or nay?


Music Monday - East London is a vampire

Bloc Party
I adore Bloc Party. They are one of the bands that cemented my love for Indie. I first came across them when they released their single "So here we are" in 2005. I rushed out to HMV and brought Silent Alarm. I was hooked. I loved the lyrics, the melodies and the whole persona of the band.I still dont think any album has ever topped the debut one. Silent Alarm hardly left my CD player in 2005, I even brought Razorlight tickets because Bloc Party were announced as the support. I was devastated when they pulled out. I didnt end up seeing the band until 2008 when they played at Reading. Ive seen them twice since and Kele on his own once.


I am a music snob, I admit it. I hate it with a passion when my favourite bands get well known. I know its great for the band finally being recognised for all their hard work. But it breaks my heart when Chavs start listening to them, as what has happened with Kings Of Leon. They only become known for their one hit song and people fail to listen to all their pervious material. Anyway that is a rant for another day.

Bloc Party are hugely successful but they are only really well known in their area of music. Ask a random on the street and the chances are they will never have heard of the band. I think this is why my love affair has continued for so long. They continued to make quality music year after year until they took a break. I can honestly say that there is not one song that I dislike on any of their albums.

I leave you with Banquet, an awesome song from Silent Alarm.

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