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I think ive found my birthday dress. I have to buy a new one because there is nothing suitable in my wardrobe for turning 22 of course. I can't resist adding a new dress to my over growing collection.

I found this beauty whilst trawling the Topshop website. It is a tad pricey at £43 to be honest and it is not that different from my polka one from Primark that I paid a mere £13 or £15 for. But I have a Topshop voucher left over from Christmas so thats £15 off it already. Once ive deducted student disocunt it will be £23.70 if my maths is correct. Not that much more than the Primark version then.

Im really into different shades of brown, Ive exhasted the Camel trend so I think its time for me to venture out into the "Rust" trend. I could pair it with my nude platform and gold sequin bag. I just hope it does not disappoint me in the flesh when I go the Oxford Street branch in a couple of weeks. Im going to have to have blinkers on when I get to London.

On a side note Id just like to say a huge heartfelt thank to everyone that reads or follows my blog! It means such a lot. I know 25 followers isnt a huge amount compared to some but its more than I ever could have imagined! Thanks guys :)


Video killed the radio star

Look what I found in a charity shop! Brand new! It was £25, not a massive saving as they range between £40-£50 in the shops but it was still a bargain in my eyes! Its in such pristine condition, the box is a little battered but this is more than likely where it has been in storage. Its a special Queens Golden Jubilee edition brought out in 2002.
It is so beautiful! It matches my bedroom perfectly. I went to my nearest post office to post off some ebay things and thought Id have a quick mooch in the two charity shops that are near it. I had no intention of buying anything as I am going to see Flashdance at the West End tomorrow and really need to save my pennies. When I spotted it I let out a gasp, literally! I ran out and phoned my mum to ask her if she wanted to buy it for me for my birthday, which is on Sunday. When she agreed I ran back inside to get my grubby mitts on it! She is going to give me the money back
It make me want to dress in 1040's clothes and huddle round it to listen for news on the war. I have no idea where I am going to put it yet! I need to find a plug socket that is not under my bed.

What a feeling!

I am venturing into the West End to see Flashdance tonight. Very exciting, I love the film! I brought it as a birthday present for both my friends. I was a bad friend as it was my friends birthday back in October but I just never got round to buying them. I had a bit of a panic when I realised it ended this month so I was so lucky to get tickets! But due to unfortunate circumstances she could not make it so I ended up going with my other friend and my mum! Nice girlie night out.

This is what i'm wearing:

Dress: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Tights: Primark
Coat: Next
Watch: Toywatch
Ring: Primark
Bag: Charity Shop
Nail Varnish: Totally Teal No7

I think this is my favourite dress. I have worn to death and when my mum came in from work she asked why im pulling this dress out again haha! It was only £15 and everyone always comments on it when I wear it. They never believe it from Primark! I love the vibrant colours and the fact that it can be transfered over the seasons. Tights in the winter and bare legs in the summer. Bit of a Primark outfit today!

Its my birthday on Sunday. Im turning 22 and to be honest not really looking forward to getting older. Id like to stay at 21! Im getting worried that my life is going past far too quickly and i'm not going to fit everything in that I want too. Im going out the night before to Shoreditch as it was my friends birthday on 11th. But i'm not going out for my actual birthday until the 29th January. Im hopefully going to Guilty Pleasures club night at Koko, Camden. Anyone been before? Also if anyone could reconmend any places in Shoreditch, that would be great too!

As my birthday present my mum is taking me to afternoon tea at the Ritz next Monday. You have no idea how excited I am about this! I plan to eat my weight in scones and then some. Im having a mare about what to wear, I keep changing my mind! It will be the poshest place I have ever been. I hope we are allowed to take lots of pictures!

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