Perhaps I have been reading Twilight for too long but I desperately want this t-shirt. I am embracing my inner geek, she likes to come out once in a while.

Alas though its by Wildfox which means it comes with a £65 price tag. I just cannot justify that for a t-shirt while I am saving to go on holiday. It would look great with my demin shirt over the top.

On another note I rediscovered my love for The Strokes. Amazing band, never ever gets old. Albert Hammond Junior has over taken Nick Valensi in the love stakes. Nick has got boring andf settled down with children. Where is the fun in that. I still laugh at Alberts guitar playing in the Last Night video.


Before im 30

Things I want to do before I hit the big depressing 30
9 years to achieve everything before its a downward sprirl with kids and marriage.
1. Own a Mulberry black bayswater
2. Travel like a backpacker for at least a good month.
3. Live in New York.
4. Spend two weeks in partyland Ibiza getting completely smashed.
5. Own a pair of black patent Christan Louboutin peeptoe shoes.
6. Get my NCE as a journalist.
7. Visit Florence.
8. Move away from everything I know for a little while to prove to all the doubters I can make it on my own.
9. Spend the summer working abroad in bar for four months
10. Travel round Europe in a campervan.

Not much to ask now is it?

Fancy a picnic?

I want actually let me rephase that. I need this chanel bag. Techincally though it is a picnic hamper but clever old Alexa Chung, who makes scruffy look cool, has decided to use it as a bag. How lush is it? I adore Chanel and it makes me very upset that all I can afford is the perfume. Although im going to splash out and treat myself to their red varnish. God I know how to live the high life! This big will be perfect for the summer to go with little pretty sun dresses. It just so quirky and cool and so very me! Why was I not born into money is a question I ask myself daily.
Isnt it just divine? She does seem to have forgotton her trousers though silly old Alexa!


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