The all important payday

Payday came on Friday after waiting forever for it to arrive. Not as much as I was expecting but still a far bit to allow me to buy some pretty gladrags and go out and get drunk a far few times. I went straight to Topshop and splashed out £80, two things for myself as well as a present for a friend. Its amazing how you can spend an obsene amount of money in Topshop and not have hardly anything to show for it. Its still my favourite though. I only brought a t-shirt, earrings, ring and gym bag out of Primark. Which I am very impressed about, im trying to ween myself off and save my money up to get one decent lasting things rather than lots of decent clothes that fall apart in the wash. I still dont think I will ever be able to stay away forever though. I like bargain too much. I went into Next and flashed my discount around to buy a bleached demin shirt and navy leggings. Its the second time Ive brought a demin shirt, got one from Topshop a while back but it made me look like a elephant this one is a bit more flattering thankfully. It will be brillaint for a lazy day. Which is in fact what most of my life is made up of! I then spend a stupid amount in Boots, always get a bit carried away in there. Brought some much needed fake tan and make up amongst other things.

This is what i splashed my hard earned cash on, I could easily have spent so much more. Im going to see how long my money lasts before I buy anything else. I actually want to have a social life please.
This is the top from Primark, I though it was alright for everyday use. Would go well with my demin skirt, leggings and a black cardigan. It have lovely puffy sleeves, I dont know if it shows up too well in the picture. Again it lace inspired, I seem to have a obssession with lace at the moment, everything I buy is lace. Last payday i brought a grey lace top and a pink lace jacket. Its just so timeless and classic. Will always be in the wardrobe.
These are my purchases from Topshop. My beautiful cardigan which I have been looking at since January, they only had two left and it was my size so its obviously meant to be mine. I love it. It will last through the summer too as it can be thrown on in the evening when its gets a bit chilly. Good investment buy. The dress is fab too. I love checked things, bit too short to wear without leggings but the next size would have been far too big, Damn being tall, things always seem to come up shorter on me. No compliments in my house though, my boyfriend asked me if my nan knitted this caridgan and my dad asked me if i was pregnant in the dress. Gotta love them.
My demin shirt and leggings from Next. I got the shirt a size bigger as i wanted to to be bagger, I dont think demin shirts should be fitted. They are meant too look like you have nicked them off your boyfriend. Or a painter as my dad asked me when he saw me in it. The leggings are a good buy, go with everything. Everyone wears black leggings nowadays, nice to be a bit different. Although everyone in next will be wearing these as nearly all the staff had them on hold!

Made up

I have a love affair with Benefit make up. I dont own loads, a couple of eyeshadows, mascara and an eyeliner that has broken but i cant bear to throw out. But I want to own it all. But I just cant jusifity the price not when I have an obsession on clothes. I always think the £23.50 I will spend on a bronzer could pay for half of a topshop dress. The Topshop dress always wins, the evidence can be seen in the 46 dresses I currently have in my wardrobe. Slightly too many one might say.

Anyway I will invest one Payday, I cannot keep putting cheap shit on my face. Well Rimmel is not exactly cheap but its a lot cheaper than Benefit. As I am aging, 21 makes me feel ever so old, Im making a pact to buy some. To be honest I think im like the packaging the best.
I have wanted this since forever. I dont tend to wear pinky blusher, although I am at the minute as its all i have and funds are low, I am a bronzer kinda of girl. Goes better with my skintone I think. This is suppose to be the one to have. I despise bronzer with shimmer in for the daytime, I only like to wear shimmer at night. But alas all the bronzers I seem to buy have stupid shimmer in. This one apprently does not so its ticks all the right boxes. Although I will be sad to wave my rimmel bronzer away!

Erase a paste suppose to cover up all signs of stress and tiredness. This I have a lot off so it would be perfect to cover up the constant black circles under my eyes that never ever seem to go away no matter how many times I get my beauty sleep.

I dont really wear lip glosses, I d0 love my Lancome Juicy Tubes I got for christmas though, as i find they get too sticky. So I prefer to wear a lip baim well in particular the rose vasaline. Its slightly tinted and keeps my lips soft. This is lip balm and tinted. Sort of the same as vasaline but in better packagaing. I need it.

In fact I need all of it.


Thank you please

I want these please. That is all.

Happy St Patricks Day

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