Flower Power

I adore this. It will be perfect for the summer. Something pretty to add to my wardrobe of floral inspired things. It really would brighten up any outfit. It really is a "me" thing to have. Just a shame about the £55 price tag when yet again 2 days after payday I am skint again.Ive only spent £35 on clothes this month. A top, tights and glads from Primark and a floral playsuit from Next. Tragic. Ill do a little fashion tomorrow of my purchases. I am ever so pleased with the tights, like the £800 Blancangia pair only mine cost £2. Who will be able to tell the difference? I finally invested in a pair of tribal style Gladiator sandals, knowing my luck after being in fashion for the past 3 years, the year i splash out is the year no one wears them. Ah well at least i will look different i suppose!


I am offically skint, not that its going to stop me from going out on Saturday night but i am offically skint.
To make matters worse due to the lack of overtime i have done this month because of my god awful coursework, this months pay packet will not be a joyful one. 2 weeks till deadline, im just on course to finish it.
8 days to wait, 8 long days. 8 long days and I wont even be able to have a spend up when it arrives in my account. I hate responisbilities and debts.
50 quid limit this month for clothes and i WILL stick to it this time. I have too.
Bring on the summer, I like this hot weather.


So I have failed my driving test for the second time today. It is unbelivably frustrating, I can drive I know I can but its just seems as soon as I step foot in test conditions I turn to mush. I have my favourite test route today through town and on a duel carriageway. Not an M11 roundabout in site. Reverse park and turn in the round, I can do with my eyes shut. Yet I failed it spectecularly, I suppose if your gonna fail may as well do it will style. Be pointless if I fail for not checking mirrors enough.
Im also skint so its not as if I can have a spending spree in Topshop to cheer myself up. Money has lasted 22 days this month, some kind of record to be honest. Cannot remeber having money for this long. Friday will be a very drunk night at the Pub.
On the plus side the mother is cooking me fajitas for dinner as a consolation prize. Almost worth failing in itself. Fajitas have to be the best food known to man. God bless the Mexicans.

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