OOTD: Striped maxi dress

White and red striped maxi dress: ASOS (similar)
Pink sunglasses: Phase Eight* (similar)
Black sandals: Birkenstocks via ASOS
Red canvas backpack: Fjallraven Kanken via ASOS

I was debating whether I should post this outfit given how sweaty and flustered I felt that day. But looking back, they're not actually that bad and this was one of my favourite dresses of the summer. Although look at the frizz in that hair! Not very seasonal but that's what you get when you're not a consistent blogger anymore... I don't think I've ever experience heat like I did this day and if I'm honest, it's put me off forever from visiting hot countries in the future. It was absolutely relentless and sightseeing was a little dramatic in 36 degree heat. But we soldiered on through and managed to enjoy Krakow. Just.

This was an ASOS sale buy in spring and proved to be a very savvy buy. The thin material is breathable, the two slits up the side help to keep your legs free and the little poms poms around the waist keep it interesting. Paired with my favourite backpack that's seen better days and my trusty Birkenstocks that never leave my feet on holiday, it was a great outfit to try and keep me cool. RIP these Birkenstocks though as they well and truly gave up in Poland and never made it home. Next I want a classy silver pair. Oh and a patent black pair please.

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