OOTD: floral heels

Black cold shoulder ruffle dress: ASOS (similar)
Black and white pattern clutch: Primark (similar)
Floral embroidered heels: LOTD.com*

So here we are, in October again. I have to admit this really is my favourite time of year as cliché as it may sound. I'm not one for the heat and winter brings with it too much rain for my liking. But this season the weather is still pleasant, fresh with a slight bite in the air. It's warm enough to only have to wear a thin mac and the skies are still blue.

LOTD.com got in touch to see if I wanted to update my wardrobe and among the things they kindly gifted were these pretty heeled sandals. I love the detailing on the heels and they really help to jazz up a simple outfit. One of my favourite things about the colder weather is dipping back into my winter wardrobe. I last wore this dress to a wedding in Glasgow over the festive period last year and am glad to be giving it another outing.

This week is going to be taken pretty easy. I'm finally off to my friend's new baby tonight who has to be the most beautiful little girl I've ever seen. As someone who is a self-confessed baby hater (slightly OTT), I never thought I would be this excited over a newborn. But I suppose it's different one they're one of your squad. I can't wait to give her a big cuddle and teach her lots of bad habits. I'll also be helping Hannah celebrate her birthday with the rest of the crew. An evening of giggles and good food is just what is needed after feeling a bit under the weather.


  1. Love these heels and I definitely missed this dress when it was on ASOS - its beautiful! x


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