A weekend in the South of France

Like I mentioned in my Marseille post, we spent the day in the port city before getting the last train back to Elodie's hometown. We didn't see much as we got into Sanary-Sur-Mer around 11pm. Plus we were too busy fawning over Elodie's incredible pink house. Yes a pink house. The dream eh? We retired to bed just after midnight, looking forward to doing some more exploring the following day. 

We had a lie in before getting ready and walking down to the beach for a breakfast filled with pastries. It was just as glorious as it sounds. After hitting up what was said to be the best bakery in town, we found a bar to tuck into. My sugary brioche and cheese and ham croissant were amazing. Still dreaming about that croissant actually. After what seemed like hours of gossiping and drinking orangina, we decided to check out the (ridiculously windy) beach as we cheered on Michelle taking some outfit snaps.

After a slow walk into the centre of town we realised that Elodie actually lived in some sort of alternative Disney town and started to regret not coming over sooner. Have you seen the cinema below?! We walked passed a bustling farmer's market filled with delicious looking plump vegetables, tempting creamy cheeses and traditional biscuits. Surrounded by tall palm trees and basking in 25 degree heat, I could hardly believe this was just a short flight away from home.

Elodie gave us all a tour and we being the fickle bloggers we are, we fell in love with every single winding street we stumbled across. That architecture really is something else. The French Riviera really captured my heart. After climbing to the top of a hill for a cracking view of the town, it was time to go home as Elodie had an fun afternoon planned for us in Hyeres. More on that in another post!


  1. Ahh so beautiful! When I was younger I went to South of France with my family and loved it so much - I can't wait to go back one day! x

    Laura // Middle of Adventure

  2. So incredible. Definitely going straight on my travel wish list.

  3. Wow, you made my hometown look so pretty! And you're welcome to come back anytime - I have so much more to show you!

    - Elodie x


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