2017 goals - six months on

So somehow we're halfway through 2017 so I thought it'd be a good idea to have a look at how I'm getting on achieving - or not achieving - my goals.

1. Read more books
Well so far I have read three books which isn't hitting my target of once a month but is already better than last year. So i'm kinda bossing this right? I'm still taking those naps but have been trying to make them less frequent. Trying being the operative word here. But so far I have finished the third Game of Thrones book which took an age, A Tree In Brooklyn about a girl coming of age in Brooklyn obviously and the Miniaturist which I'm not quite sure I enjoyed. At the minute I'm reading The Night Manager which took a while to get on board with. But now I'm halfway through it's becoming a lot more enjoyable and making me wish I was a spy. I reckon I'm on course for 5 books which won't be too shabby. I've got a lot of train journeys coming up for my Poland trip so hoping to immerse myself into a book or two then.

2. See the world
This one I feel like I'm hitting. I've been lucky enough to go on a trip to Paris and Marseille with a trip to Poland coming up n July. I've also got a trip to Cardiff for Gem's wedding in September and spent a wonderful four days in Northern Ireland in January. There is also talk of a possible Disneyland Paris trip in the pipeworts for December. I've never been to France so much! I knew this wasn't going to be the year for any big trips because of our house so I'm pretty happy to have squeezed in as many as I have.

3. Look after myself from the inside out
Well I started off strong then began to falter... I have been making the conscious decision to try and be more active. I've spent lunchtimes going for little walks to try and get to my 10k steps each day. I've also been struggling up those tube escalators with lots of huffing and puffing. But my diet is still absolutely appalling. Still struggling to get this bit under control thanks to my lazy bones nature. It feels like a double edge sword as I'm so tired so literally don't give my diet any thought but so sluggish because my diet is pretty bad. Woe is me eh?

5. Pay off my credit card
Well this definitely isn't going to happen. Especially as I booked flights to New York in March. However, it's starting to bother me a bit now as it's so annoying to be paying so much off each month. So I'm hoping at least half of it will be paid off by Christmas. Who knows if this is wishful thinking!


  1. snap! i also bought flights to new york earlier this year so am in the same boat as you with the credit card! who cares about paying it back when you can be sippin' a cold drink next to the statue of liberty!? when are you going?

    katie xx lacoconoire.com


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