My goals for 2017

A little late but here are a few goals I've set myself to meet in 2017. I might meet them or I might not. Who knows? But it's always nice to have them written down.

1. Read more books
I have a nearly three hour commute to work every day and mostly I just spend it snoozing. But as much as I value those shut eye moments, I really could be doing something a bit more productive and I think this is probably why I'm not sleeping too well at night. My reading is definitely slacking which is ridiculous as there really is nothing more than I love doing than poking my nose in a book. I'm going to make it my mission to read at least 10 new books this year. Working out at less than one a month, there's not reason why I shouldn't achieve this!

2. See the world
Following on from last year, I once again want to continue the momentum. I have a few getaways already planned for this year and couldn't be happier to once again be focusing on Europe. My travel plans are kicking off this weekend in Paris.

3. Look after myself from the inside out
I'm notoriously bad at looking after myself. My diet is absolutely awful. I have too many late nights than I care to remember. Exercise is never at the forefront of my mind. I feel sluggish and tired all the time. So I'm going to start making little changes. Stop wiling away pointless hours on my phone or laptop at night. Grab those much needed early nights during the week. Start eating a proper dinner every night. I get home between 7.30 and 8 each night and slaving away in front of the oven is the last thing on my mind so I quite often just skip dinner and jump into bed. Introduce so much more fruit and veg into my diet. I'm never going to be a gym bunny but I can start talking the stars instead of a lift and go on regular walks to get my heart rate rising.

4. Pay off my credit card
As we count down to moving into our first house, I've suddenly realise that money for a while will be tight as we get used to being homeowners. Say whaaaat?! I'm pretty frivolous with money as you can probably tell by my ASOS addiction and tendency to always leave the country. My credit card bill isn't unmanageable and I'm not really that fussed about it. But it would be nice to be debt free as we move into our new home. If only so we can put a sofa on the credit card. I can't be sitting on fold up camping chairs for the rest of my life...


  1. Great goals Sophie, all relatively similar to mine. (Not blogged about them yet, so you're not as late to the party as I will be!) I think these are all very manageable goals. You'll smash them!

  2. These are great goals to have! Especially the one about traveling. I can totally relate, cause I'm obsessed with traveling. I hope you achieve everything! I've also written my own goals for this year on my blog. I'd love if you would check them out xxx

  3. All wonderful and achievable goals! I hope you have a wonderful time in Paris! x

  4. A three hour commute - wow! I love reading I find it so relaxing and a great way to destress. Are there any places you really want to visit this year? I love Paris (I hope you have a fab time!)

  5. I love these goals, it's so exciting that you are moving soon!

    Maria xxx


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