Exploring Europe: Vienna, Austria

Somehow when I wrote about my Eastern European adventures, Vienna fell off the blog post list. I have no idea why as I was bowled over by the city. We only had about 30 hours in the Austrian capital. It's never really been somewhere that I wanted to tick off so I didn't place it in an important place in our itinerary. Instead, it was just booked as a stopover to help break up Prague and Bratislava. But boy was I wrong to dismiss it. After having a little taste of the city, I'm dying to go back and truly discover the real Vienna.

As time was limited to about 30 hours, we set out to soak up as much of the city as we could. First off we took the guided tram tour to help us gain our bearings. It was great to marvel in the history and see key landmarks that make Vienna so special. Well worth the few euros and I wholly recommend it as the first thing you do when you step in the city.

Then we took to our feet and walked. And walked. Then walked some more. We took in the Parliament, museum quarter, opera house, Hofberg, Mozart memorial and Belvedere Palace. Sadly we didn't get to go in anything but instead looked in awe at the stunning, grand buildings. I've never quite seen architecture like it. At every corner I turned, I was blown away.

Vienna, you have well and truly stolen my heart!


  1. I recommend Salzburg and Innsbruck if you head back to Austria, you can do both in one trip and they are both set in stunning alpine scenery.


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