Restaurant review: The new menu at The Diner, London

The Diner has a special place in my heart. Back in 2012 I think I went once a month and it was always the 'blogger' hang out. We gossiped over chilli cheese fries and put the world to rights. But I haven't been back in a couple of years as you know London is a big place and new places are opening all the time. There is a reason why places are old favourites though. The Diner got in touch to tell me about their new menu and offered me a chance to try it out for myself.

My boyfriend and I trotted to east London for a monster lunch in celebration of it being the weekend. After scouring the menu and sipping on cider we decided we couldn't not have the crispy bacon jalapeño tater tots and wet fries in bacon gravy and topped with lashings of melted cheese. The wet fries were a revelation. The rich bacon gravy partnered with the melted cheese was comfort food at its finest. For our mains we both couldn't resist the BBC dog. The frankfurter sausage in a  toasted bun was filled to the brim with spicy chilli, gooey cheese and crispy strips of bacon. It was so big that it had to be eaten with a knife and fork.

Despite having full bellies we decided to take one for the team and share a cookies and cream cheesecake. Chunky oreos embedded in a creamy cheesecake was the perfect end to such an indulgent lunch. After all, go big or go home!

The Diner as always is a good solid bet. The prices are reasonable, the portions satisfying, the food delicious and the decor on point. The waiting staff couldn't be more helpful and made it a joy to stuff our faces. We won't be leaving it two years before we return again!


  1. Wet fries- also known as poutine!

  2. 良心和熱情是台達徵信社所有同仁的動力來源,完美解決客戶的每一項任務是我們唯一的目標。

  3. The poutine/wet fries are to die. Still love The Diner even after all these years..!

    Frankie x


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