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I'm a sucker for a Chanel lipstick. There's something about the gold and black sleek, luxe packaging that makes me go all googly-eyed. I prefer the creamy formula of the Rouge Allure range and am slowly building up my collection. The staying power is fantastic and the pigmentation is so intense. I usually save all my boots points before splashing out once I gain enough. An unexpected treat is the best kind of treat! Take a look at my mini collection.

104 Passion
This bright red is extremely versatile with a blue undertone. It looks great in the depths of winter when you're lacking vitamin C and in the summer when you're boasting a tan. It's very much a classic fire engine red, making it perfect for the upcoming festive season. Two coats and it will last pretty much the whole night. Put some lipcote on top too and it will still be standing strong after a three course meal!

97 Incandescente
Nine times out of ten, if I'm wearing a red lip then it will be this one. This orangey red just makes me feel so polished and put together - the perfect pick-me-up! It packs such a punch and the lipstick glides on effortfully. The silky formula helps to stop the lipstick from being to drying. Once again, it has great staying power and you only really need to reapply once or twice from day to evening.

102 Palpitante
This is my newest purchase from a couple of weeks ago that I have yet to wear. Can you tell I have a special affection for red lipsticks? This raspberry colour leans towards a pink hue but still has a slightly red tinge.

99 Pirate
This one is the deepest red of the four, this is such an intense colour. It can be prone to bleeding so a careful hand is needed. But it glides on so easily and its staying power is great. I love this with a really simple outfit to create a statement.

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  1. Ah, believe it or not, I don't have a single Chanel lipstick, so this is making me green with envy! Those are all such great picks too!

    - Elodie x



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