Falling victim to the London bubble

I spend so much of my time in one of the most multi-cultural, forwarding thinking cities in the world. A city so rich thanks to embracing other cultures from around the world. I surround myself with people with similar views on both politics and the essential purchase of a Mulberry handbag. I follow strong, independent women on Twitter that encourage me to be the best of myself. People who are desperate to make a change and have their voices heard.

But then I see comments on newspaper sites, hear people discussing things in the street, and catch posts on social media. Then realise that I've fallen victim to the London bubble. I have forgotten that there is a huge world outside the city and despite my thoughts, it is not the centre of the universe. There's a vast majority of people all over the world straining to get their voices heard too. But not always doing it in the best way. To put it nicely. People are angry and frustrated, desperate for change. But in their desperation, they're blaming the wrong people, taking the wrong action and being blindsided by toxic information. Change doesn't come from the status quo, of voting in the exact same type of people who believe in making the rich richer and poor poorer. It comes from men like Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders who offer a different type of politics. I understand their sometimes stubborn stances are not for everyone but there's lots of other people who offer different views. It's a just a matter of finding them. You'd be surprised at what people are fighting for.

The world is so uncertain at the moment. Sometimes I just can't comprehend what is happening at the minute and I feel at such a loss. It feels like something I would have been learning in my A Level history class. But all is not lost. I've watched Hillary Clinton's gracious speech numerous times and cried. In the face of defeat she was empowering and humble. You don't fight hate with hate. You defeat hate by standing up with love. And boy is there endless people in the world showing love to each other. I proud to say I know some of them personally.

The world has just lost it's way at the moment but it will find it's way back. It has too.

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  1. Completely agree with you about the London bubble - I've been surprised at the results of the U.S. election and Brexit because everything over here seemed certain it would swing the other way. I think surrounding yourself with likeminded people is a good thing; but we do need to hear the other side too. Loved reading this!


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