Exploring Europe: Prague, Czech Republic

Back to my travel posts! The first place we visited on our Eastern Europe two week trip was Prague. Ten years ago (?!?!) my boyfriend and I had decided on Prague for our first ever holiday. But due to our student lifestyle it was half the price to spend a week all-inclusive on the Costa Brava. God bless those package holidays when you earn £30 a week in retail... So obviously we never made it. When we started planning this trip, it was top of our list and we scheduled in three nights and began the research.

We chose three nights so that we could spend one day mooching around and take things easy. The rest of the holiday was going to be so jam-packed. On the first day we hit the sight seeing a little too hard and ended up clocking up about 20km which obviously did lots for our poor feet! On first impressions, Prague was stunning. As the holiday went on and we explored more areas, it only ever got prettier. I would say it is probably one of the prettiest places I've visited ever, not just on the holiday. I adored the beautiful pastel buildings, the history seeping from the pores of the architecture and beautiful terracotta roofs.

Three nights was the perfect amount of time to spend in the city and I feel now that I've done it all. I would go back but I don't feel the NEED to go back. But for a girls holiday, it would be the perfect break away. There's so many quaint streets to get lost down, incredible food to enjoy, great beer to sip and lots of sights to take in.

Although I loved Prague, the insane amount of tourists completely threw me. It was quite overwhelming at times, especially trying to navigate through Prague Castle and across Charles Bridge. But we did go during high season so it was kinda to be expected. My top tip is to start your sightseeing early to try and beat the crowds and spend the later part of the day enjoying the endless beer.

Keep an eye out for my guides on what to do and where to eat in the city coming soon!


  1. Prague looks so beautiful! My sister's going there in December and I am mega jealous now! Maybe I'll try squeezing into her suitcase... Ha!

    - Elodie x


  2. I visited Prague a few years ago - definitely remember that giant baby statue! x

  3. I went to Prague last year and it was SO much better than I imagined. For some reason I thought it'd just be a tonne of stag and hen groups but it was so pretty! We went up this tower that had those creepy giant babies crawling up it x

  4. Can't wait to revisit Prague this December although I'm slightly concerned about the crowds.


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