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One of my favourite things to do is eat and entertain so when LSA International got in touch and kindly offered to send me a few things from their collection at Amara, my eyes lit up. They're currently celebrating their 50th birthday. Working in interiors I often come across their products and they always seem so classic and of high quality. I certainly wasn't disappointed when they arrived. They definitely helped me become the hostess with the mostess! I decided to host a little wine and cheese night to give them their first outing.

One of the first things needed were some champagne glasses. What is a gathering without some bubbles? Reminding me of The Great Gatsby, the handmade glasses are gorgeous. They're the perfect party centrepiece. With wine you always need some cheese right? Which makes this cheeseboard an essential! This quaint little cheeseboard has a hand-blown dome on an oak paddle base, making it perfect for an intimate dinner party. Finally I was gifted the water and wine carafe set. Once again the glass mouth-blown and nestled on a wooden base.  It's the little finishing touches like these pieces that really make a gathering. I adore glassware at the moment, it just seems so timeless which is what you really want when you buy investment pieces. The collection isn't cheap but you really do get what you pay for. I don't mind splashing out on pieces that I know are going to stand the test of time.

Thanks so much to LSA International for helping me put my hostess skills to the test. They got the thumbs up!

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  1. So many pretty things!

    I just love champagne glasses like that so much - they always remind me of the champagne fountain in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. So beautiful!

    (I kind of want to have a lot of wine, cheese & crackers after reading this post.. Why is it only Tuesday?!) x

    Laura Middle of Adventure


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