Starved Rock State Park Photo Diary

After we spent three days in Chicago, we fuelled up on the biggest breakfast known to man then hit the road. I'm still sulking that I only pathetically managed a quarter. Our next destination was Starved Rock State Park. The legend goes, two Native American tribes were fighting and one was forced up a huge rock. Once they were up there, the other tribe cut off their food and water supply. Eventually they all starved to death. Lovely story eh?

We arrived a little early for our historic trolley tour so we went on a short walk around the park where we came across a frozen waterfall. After clambering across jagged rocks, we eventually landed just underneath a stunning waterfall. It was very surreal to stand on thick frozen water. Mother Nature can be really beautiful at times! Sometimes there's nothing better then popping on some trainers, wrapping up warm and getting out in the fresh air. It's made me want to do some more exploring a bit closer to home.

Feeling like Clint Eastwood was about to challenge me to a stand off at any minute, we popped into August Hill Winery and Illinois Sparkling Company in Downtown Utica. It was incredible - you could have been in any city in the world. Crazy to think it's in such a tiny town. It was so stylish and sleek - the ladies certainly knew their wines!

I was completely blown away by Hegeler Carus Mansion. I've never been given a tour by such a knowledgeable guide - it makes a trip so much more interesting when you're being told stories by someone with such passion. It was such a beautiful building, inside and out. The fact the paint was peeling off, the floorboards creaked and the stairs crumbled all added to it's charm. In fact, it reminded me of Wilton's Dance Hall if you've ever been! I adored the story of Mary Hegeler who was such a pioneer of her time. She put the power into girl power!

After just one night we were on the move again, listening to Kelly Clarkson and B*Witched as we drove on the open road! The only way to do a road trip eh?

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