Galena Photo Diary

Galena charmed the pants off me. It was one of the most quaint, picturesque towns I've visited. Everyone was so friendly and were keen to have a chat as soon as you walked into their shops. Very different to London! The beautiful weather just seemed to make the town glow. We were treated to weather in the 20s which was such a lovely shock to the system after surviving 0 degrees in Chicago. I'd forgotten what warmth felt like!

We had a tour of the historic Main Street led by such an enthusiastic tour guide. I love it when someone really knows what they're talking about especially when they through a little ghost story into the mix. After we had a few hours free time so I wandered up the hill to take in the town in all it's glory. Stunning!

Suited Downtown, we stayed in the charming Farmer's Guesthouse. Full of incredible knick kacks and a magical cookie jar that was filled up every day, it was such a joy to stay in. They even had an incredible daily event called Wine Time every day with cheese - can we please implement it at 5pm every day? It was by far my favourite place I stayed throughout the trip. The bed was very hard to leave in the morning! Just look at that breakfast below - perfection.

One of the things I was looking forward to the most was the tour of Blaum Bros. Distillery. It was set up just a year ago but has been a roaring success. The tour didn't disappoint! I managed to sample some Hellfyre vodka that very nearly blew my head off. I'm not the best when it comes to shots let along when they contain chilli. Not an experience I'm keen to repeat again.

We were also treated to a tour around Ulysses Grant's home - the 18th president of the United States. A man I admit I didn't really know but it was interesting to learn a bit about him. This history geek never turns down the chance to find out about the past.

It was such a shame not to spend longer in Galena - they had some cracking restaurants - but it was time to move on. Rockford, the last part of the trip, is coming soon!


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