Being in a long term relationship

It says something when you have to go back to 2012 to find a decent smiling picture - mental note to maybe start smiling in pictures... Look at those baby faces! 

I've been in a relationship since I was 18. I have had the same - and only! - boyfriend for over eight years. Yet when I mention this to people, I get very mixed reactions. Some may find it romantic but to be honest the vast majority look at me in disbelief. How on earth can I be happy with only having one boyfriend?! Don't I feel the need to sow my seeds? Aren't I worried we got together too young? How can I possibly know he's the one for me?

I'm the first to admit that 18 is young and I'm a very different person now at 26. So is my boyfriend but we're growing together. We've both got the some views on marriage and children - not for a very long time thank you! We both love to travel and see live music. We lead quite separate lives and treasure our times spent with our friends. We've never ever lived in each others pockets. Sometimes we go days without seeing each other simply because we're living our lives. But it could change, at 30 we could suddenly want completely different things. It happens all the time. If we do? We would still have had many good years together and I definitely won't be thinking I've wasted my life on only one person. 

I get told that I don't have a clue what's out there and shouldn't be settling on my first one. Well first off, I'm not settling at all thank you very much. There's been no reason in eight years for me to question my relationship. We're both extremely stubborn and bicker but he's never once treated me bad. Not giving me the last roast potato on a Sunday isn't really much to complain about. I've heard horror stories from friends about their latest boyfriend and not had them myself. He has never ever told me what I can and can't do. I've bought a ticket to Glastonbury and jetted off to Chicago on my own and he's never batted an eyelid. I'm often swanning off on weekends to see my friends - perks of having them scattered around the country. A few people have asked how he feels about me doing so much on my own. Well why would he be bothered? He gets to order a 12-piece KFC bargain bucket to himself and play his XBOX all day. I'm not willing to ask anyone's permission to live my life. 

Why should people be belittled for their choice of love life? If you've had one boyfriend or ten boyfriends it doesn't matter. You are free to have any many partners as you choose and nobody is able to judge you. Someone would never - well most people wouldn't - blatantly call a girl a hussy to her face for having multiple boyfriends. So it shouldn't be ok to look down your nose at a girl who's only had one man friend. After all, we live in a free world don't we?


  1. I totally agree with this Sophie! Mark and I got together at 16 and have been together for 9 years and we are SO well suited and I have never wanted anyone else- why mess with a good thing?!

    Maria xxx

  2. Having had a grand total of zero boyfriends I wouldn't judge anyone for only having had one! If I'd met the right person at 18 I'd have no doubts about still being with them now - when it happens it happens! x

  3. This was a lovely post to read - I agree with everything you said! While my boyfriend and I have only been together for three years, I feel like our relationship is similar to yours. We're both very independent people and never live in each others pockets either! x

    Under Blue Lights

  4. The boy just knows too much. And he's also pretty cool to hang out with, I'll give you that!

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  7. This was a lovely post to read I got with my fiance at 17 and we've been together for 7 years, if you love someone and you feel like they're a friend as well as a partner why would you want to go looking for anyone else.

    : ]

  8. Great post - I met my boyfriend at 20 so it's been 6 years. We're each others best friends, know exactly what the other is going to say and we usually win at games like articulate - you can't argue with 6 years of in jokes! People ask why we're not married yet but I don't see the point in rushing. Do what you want and don't listen to others if you're happy :) x

  9. Wow, I am really enjoying your posts lately, especially when you hit the nail on the head like this one! (Go, girl!)
    I have only had the one and only boyfriend also, I met him at 19 and now he is my husband, spouse, other half.
    Some people find it completely bizzare, but I wouldn't change how life has 'happened' because happiness is rare, and I know just how lucky I am to have found it.

    Great post x x x

  10. I'm in a similar situation, I've been with my boyfriend for nearly seven years, we met in our first year of university. People say all the same stuff to me and our relationships sound very familiar. I went to Australia and Hong Kong for a month and yes we missed each other but did he try and stop me? No. Would I have stopped my plans if he'd asked me? Probably not. Having separate lives that are interlinked is perfect. I've seen friends kiss enough frogs to know I've found a prince!


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