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Red sheer long sleeved utility shirt - New Look
Black supersoft skinny jeans - Primark (similar)
Beige belted trench coat - Topshop (similar)
Tartan studded scarf - H! By Henry Holland c/o Debenhams
Dalmation print loafers: Next
Red nail polish: Knockout Liz Earle c/o

When Debenhams got in contact with me and offered me a voucher to try and put my own spin on the a/w trends I knew immediately I had to try and incorporate the punk trend in my wardrobe. After lots of browsing on the website I eventually settled on a tartan scarf. I think an accessory is a great option to try and subtlety introduce a trend without going all out. It's a chance to dip your toe in without having to fully commit. Trends change at such a fast pace that by the time you've invested all your hard earned wages in it, it will be deemed unfashionable in a blink of an eye.

You always need a scarf in the UK thanks to the freezing climate and I think a tartan version will be one you can pull out year after year. This particular one is a brillant option to keep away the chills thank to the supersoft material. I felt very cosy commutuing to work this week!

Have you embraced the punk trend yet?


  1. Looking dreamy Sophie! Adore your scarf and those amazing shoes (:

  2. Love the mac and scarf, looking just gorgeous xxx

  3. I love everything about this outfit Sophie! Love love love!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  4. I have one top with a little hint of tartan :) I love the tartan trend but can't pull it off in a big way! This post is perfect - it shows a subtle take on the trend! I'm also obsessed with your trench! It's gorgeous :) :)

    Keep in touch!

    www.lanouvellenoire.com xxx

  5. I can't definitely see why the scarf caught your eye - it's beautiful! Don't think punk is really my style but I'd be comfortable adding a bit of it in with the scarf! X

  6. Fabulous scarf hun. I am loving the punk trend and have already brought a tartan pencil skirt to shock work with.

    X x

  7. Love the punky tartan paired with the classic trench coat!

    - Elodie x


  8. A tartan scarf is a classic Sophie, great choice! :) <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  9. love that mac, very chic. The scarf would look nice with a biker jacket and studded boots too xx

  10. Sophie this outfit is gorgeous!

  11. Ohh I love the tartan scarf, I really need one! Looks beautiful with your coat too <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  12. Love this scarf - I should have stolen it for my trip to Scotland! x


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