French skincare haul

While I was in Paris I did what any self-respecting blogger did and hunted down the gem that is City Pharma. Cliche? As Elodie, Olivia, Gemma, Kristabel, Lucy, Lauren, Charlotte and I all headed through the mean back streets of Paris, we were ladies on a mission. My, was it worth the trek! I felt like all my Christmas' had came and once and didn't quite know where to look first. It was very busy and overwhelming.

After making a beeline and picking up enough Bioderma to see me through for at least 6 months I hounded Elodie on what other skincare beauties I should lug back to London. I was on the lookout for a clay mask as working in London seems to be playing havoc with my face. It is not my friend at the minute. After evesdropping and hearing Elodie mention the Nuxe lipbalm was a winner I sneaked it into my bag as I was queuing. I hold Olivia fully responsible for the purchase of the red Sephora lip paint. It's not really something I would ever think to look at in a shop - lipstick is the way to my heart. But I saw it on her and decided I needed to own it right that minute. Baaaa someone say sheep?!

Have you ever tried any of these products?


  1. Great haul, I love Bioderma!

  2. I love bioderma, I stocked up last time I was in france! It was the thing i most looked forward to in my holiday haha! I wish I'd had a chance to go to a sephora though.

    Rose xo

  3. I'm still desperate to try Bioderma!

  4. this is right up my street - that lipbalm is fab! plus, i love all those ladies you've mentioned - such sweet girls! xx

  5. I have heard great things about Bioderm but i havent ever tried it. I was thinking of giving it a go throu so please let me know if you would reccomend it :) xx

  6. I can't wait to stock up on Bioderma in Paris - once you've tried it you really can't go back to anything else! x

  7. Loves me some Bioderma and it's oonly about 16 euros for two in Paris, bargain xx


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