The American Dream

Pizza takeaway or indeed any sort of pizza is by far my favourite food to consume. I'd eat it for breakfast (cold pizza mmmmm), lunch and dinner if I could get away with it and it wouldn't make me the size of a house. So when Dominos got in touch offering me a voucher and a party pack to help celebrate the fact they've just launched two new pizzas, The New York Deli and The Carolina - very aptly named the American Legends. I was very much on board with the idea. It just so happened the party idea coincided with the fact it was my boyfriends birthday so we had a mini celebration in the garden. My dad and I got into the spirit of things and decorated the garden with all the bits and bobs - I was very much impressed by the sheer quantity of products and garden ended up looking pretty snazzy.

So down to the most important thing which was how the pizza tasted. We plumped for the New York Deli as I'm not a fan of mustard nor BBQ sauce on a pizza. The frankfurters, ground beef, ham, onions and crispy onions went down a treat. It had just the right of meat on it without being overpowering and the base was a dominos perfection. I'm not much of a fan of deep pan to be honest and dominos in my opinion has the right amount of dough. I find the thicker the dough the more greasy thus making you feel fuller quicker. I'm all about shoving as much pizza in my gob as possible. No Dominos order is complete without the garlic pizza bread - it's what dreams are made off! I may have picked the biggest piece of the bunch...

Thanks so much to Dominos for the pizza party - it made a Tuesday night much more exciting than usual.


  1. Nomanom..I hardly ever eat Dominos..partly due to calories and partly because its SO good that I worry I will eat everything haha. Bet your other half had a lovely birthday treat! x

  2. It looks amazing! The food looks great too! :)

  3. I am literally drooling... shame there's no dominoes near me :(

  4. Mm, I've never eaten Dominoes but it looks SO good! x

  5. I love the table setting! I haven't had Dominos for years but this looks so good. x

  6. mmmm yummy, looks like a fun evening. Always used to get Dominoes when I was a student x

  7. This is the best kind of party! :-)

  8. yum, looks great!


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