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Ebay is my favourite thing in the world. I've been selling odd bits and pieces for around four years and it's saved me many a time when I've been skint and helped me buy that dress I've been desperate to own. It's a fantastic way to make a bit of extra money. I thought I'd pass along a few tricks of the trade I've discovered along the way.

One of the biggest issues of selling on eBay would be how to transport the item to the buyer and how to be sure you're charging the right amount of postage. It's essential to always make sure you weigh your item and work out the correct amount of postage. I have tried to guess this many times in the past and always came unstuck. What's the point in selling something if you're going to lose out on the profit? You won't make much money! Parcelforce is a great option for bulkier items!

Make sure you keep any old jiffy bags to send your items as this can again keep the cost down. I collect mine from work and save them from going in the bin. You really do want to maximise your profits. You can buy a job lot of light plastic postage bags online for a very reasonable price. These are brilliant for sending clothes that don't need protection.

Finally set aside some time to list your items on a Sunday night as it's been proven this is when most people tend to look for bargains and you're more likely to sell. I find around 6-7pm tends to be the best time as people are settling down. Keep your items listed for 7 days and always keep a beady eye out for free listings weekend as they can be a god send!

Do you sell on eBay often? Any words of wisdom you have to share?

This post was written in collaboration with Parcelforce.


  1. Great tips - getting the postage cost right is so important! x

  2. This is a bit like you coming over to help me getting started on ebay - LOVE IT!

    -Elodie x

  3. Hey girl! Thanks for sharing these! Any tips on how to shop on Ebay? I'm always outbid on an item I want!


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