Everything is going wrong but we're so happy

Pastel printed dress - Dorothy Perkins via Leather Lane market
Peach 3/4 length sleeved cardigan - Primark
Black chain handle bag - Zara
Nude toe capped pointed flats - Dorothy Perkins

The last weekend has been 100 miles an hour and this week doesn't seem to be slowing down. I think I need a week indoors where I go to bed at 9pm to try and stop looking and feeling like a zombie. I wore this outfit for a day out in Shoreditch on Sunday with one of my friends. We started off at Petticoat Lane Market so she could buy some new clothes for our holiday to Poland in three weeks. She brought nothing and I came away with a pair of patterned trousers and a dress. Clearly I suck at showing self control... After a wander along Brick Lane and having a tasty sandwich in the Vintage Emporium tearoom.  There'll be another post on that later. Mix matched furniture? Right up my street!

We then trekked to the ridiculously busy Oxford Street so we could raid Selfridges Food Hall for some cheesecake and Marc Jacobs diet coke which we ate laying by Marble Arch complaining about how much we need to lose weight. Standard. All in all a lovely day out and proves once again you really don't need to spend a lot of money to enjoy London. You just have to pack your walking shoes.

Did you all have a nice weekend? Have you been to Petticoat Lane Market?


  1. Lovely dress and how exciting to hear about your impending trip to Poland!
    I had the same tired feeling last night and ended up going to bed crazy early, I feel so much better for it today.

  2. how cute is the print on that dress?! xx

  3. oooh intrigued to hear about your Poland trip :) Selfridges food hall is too good to resist!xx

  4. Wit wooooooooo pretty lady! Your hair looks SO lush in these snaps. Your busy weekend sounds great! I love having lots of stuff planned but you're right, sometimes you just need a couple of days' breathing space haha ♥ Claire at Jazzpad

  5. That dress is so beautiful! and really flattering! x


  6. That dress is just gorgeous! Sounds like a fun weekend, I'm feeling a duvet day up and coming though, I do like being lazy after fun weekends <3

  7. you are so darling (what a cute blog!) and that dress is what dreams are made of! x

  8. Your dress is so lovely, what pretty pastel colours! And eee exciting with your holiday coming up quick too!

    The Little Things

  9. I love Petticoat Lane Market! You look fabulous too. Wish I could wear midi dresses! x

  10. You look lovely Sophie! I really hope a duvet day will come soon for you! I could use one too! x Laura

  11. You look lovely here, you pull off midis like no one else!

    Maria xxx

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  13. Oh that dress is just stunning.


  14. Love your outfit! Those kind of days are the ones I enjoy the most.. Sounds like you had fun :)

    Mónica <3

  15. So pretty! And this outfit is gorge :)
    Alex from These Folk x x

  16. this dress is uh-mazing, and has your name written all over it! it also looks quite vintage too. I love it. xx

  17. Sophie this dress is gorgeous!


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