Top five festival tips

Luxe Models London is a big fan of festival fashion. With the summer season fast approaching they've offered us some stylish tips to make sure you see the festival out with a bang. Who said you can't be sensible and stylish?

001: We all want to look our best at music festivals but it's just not possible to pack 10 lipsticks, 4 blushers, 2 bronzers, 5 concealers and 1 mascara. Streamlining is the way forward. After all we're all aiming for the 'natural' look! Pack some handy facewipes to make sure you don't have any mascara running down your cheeks. That isn't the look we like to go for!

002: With lack of showering and general washing facilities, it's hard to make sure your hair looks stylish. This is where a hair donut can be a lifesaver. It takes ten minutes and voila you look like you've just stepped out of a salon! Make dry shampoo your new BBF. It's amazing for giving your hair a bit off oomph and for fringe fashionistas.

003: Converse may look chic but flip flops help your feet breathe - they also help keep your feet from getting dirty in the dreaded showers. Havaianas are THE celebrity flip flops to have and they come in a range of colours. Go for a bright pair to stand out from the crowd.

004: Finally don't forget to pick up a faithful tote bag to carry all your belongings around. They're lightweight and can fit a mountain of junk. Go for a music themed one of your favourite band. Even better pick up one from the merchandise stand as a souviner.

005: You never know what the weather is going to be like in old Blighty so make sure you pack for all weathers. Take along a snazzy rain mac in case of a shower but also pack a straw hat in case the sun decides to show it's face. Boaters and fedoras get the thumbs up from us. You don't have to spend a fortune on sunglasses, pick a colour other than black to make a statement. Finally don't forget to pack the sunscreen just in case!

What are your best fashion tips for festivals?

Guest post on behalf of Luxe Models


  1. Dry shampoo is a MUST! I literally could not live without this stuff when I go to a festival x

  2. Great tips! I am very curious about that hat on the last photo - wondering where it's from... Exactly what I've been looking for. x

    1. It's from New Look but last summer i'm afraid!

  3. Ohhh, I want to get my hands on a hair donut so badly! I have just terrible hair and always have trouble doing buns, I feel like this would certainly help me out! x

    Thank you to the moon and back for all of the kind comments you leave on my blog! ♥

  4. Oh man facewipes were my saving grace at t in the park, I went through god knows how many! x

  5. I love my foldaway mac, so handy for the english weather & how much it likes to change ha!

  6. I like a nice secure bag with a long strap than can go over my shoulder so nothing falls out when I'm dancing and a hipflask which I sneak in my hidden pocket on my jacket ;) haha xx

  7. Face wipes, dry shampoo and wellies that fit! There's nothing worse than a swollen ankle after spending 12+ hours walking round in the mud in too small wellies! I speak from experience haha
    Also layers are the key so you are covered for all weather situations :)

    sarah x

  8. Definitely Wellies and wipes! And the hipflask Gem is a cool idea.x


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