This last image should be a warning to never leave your phone in the hands of fellow bloggers...

Last week I was very kindly invited to what seemed to be the blogger event of the year! My twitter feed was going crazy with excitement as it seemed all my favourite bloggers were attending. My idea of a perfect night out! It was in honour of the first ever AX Paris advert - it's pretty snazzy so make sure you keep your eye out for. Held in an amazing venue called Circus, we were treated to an impressive fire eater as pictured above, a man spinning around on a giant hula hoop - made me feel a bit sick! - and some arcobats. I think I might have watched open mouthed! As always it was so much fun to have a natter with all my favourite people whilst drinking cocktails and munching on the yummy canapes.

I didn't get to have a nosy at the clothes as much as I would have liked - I was too busy nattering to everyone in sight - but I did notice they had some cracking dresses! With such pretty colours, there are a few that are on my wishlist.

Thanks so much for Etail and Ax Paris for putting on such an amazing event - you really pulled this one out the bag!

I left my camera at home so these were taken on my iPhone hence the not so great quality. #bloggerfail. I'd lose my head if it wasn't screwed on!


  1. Yay! I had a fab time. Loved your trousers, but not as much as the cocktails! Cheeky shot of me and Hannah lol xxxxx

  2. Sarah and I looking super fly there haha, thanks for bring me along sophie, it was a fun night! here's too more instagram takeovers x


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