This week i'm loving - Seche Vite

I finally caved into blogger hype a few months ago and purchased Seche Viteon from Amazon. I don't know what I seem to do but i'm lucky is my nail polish remains chip free for more than a day. More often then not it chips within a few hours. I blame working on a competer all day for ruining it! At first I couldn't get on with it and didn't find it made much difference. But then Sarah suggested I use a thin coat rather than the thick one I plastered on. It worked a treat and now my polish lasts for around 3-4 days which is amazing! I find it works best on Barry M and OPI. No 7 still isn't really that good unfortuately.

Have you been converted to Seche Vite?


  1. I have never heard of this before, but will definitely have to try it out!

  2. i had never heard of this either, thanks for sharing!

  3. We absolutely LOVE seche vite! We raved about it in our Perfect Girls Night In post last year ( and have had several readers tell us since that they're now total converts! Total mani lifesafer!

  4. I really like seche vite, most of my nail varnishes are models own, opi and essie and they work well with it. i have a dior varnish and no matter what i do it chips like crazy and considering the price this ain't cool

  5. this is my favorite top coat!! i love it with essie polishes, give it a try!

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