Weekly Weightwatchers round up #1

I thought i'd start doing a weekly round up of how i've found weightwatchers, food i've eaten and my progress on the plan. This also ties in with the second weekly challenge where we had to plan our meals for the week.

This week has been disappointing to be honest. I've been relatively good all week - i've had a few hiccups but nothing that I would class as "binge eating" and falling completely off the wagon. I may have gone over my points allowance a few days but this has only been by a point or two. Trust me i've been consuming a hell of a lot less calories than I did during the month of December. That's why I thought I was destined to either stay the same or lose a lb or two. Alas it wasn't to be and I actually put on a lb! I feel so disheartened and really don't know why this has happened. I'm bracing myself for a gain next week as well as I have my birthday, my nan's birthday and a trip to the Ivy all the content with. I really wanted to be 5lbs lighter for Berlin on 1st Feburary but this doesn't look like it's going to happen. Let's hope I can do some damage control by being extra good on the days i'm at home.

Right i've eaten a host of delicious dinners this week thanks to my mum - life's so much easier when she follows the plan too. They're all from Weightwatchers cookbooks and if you fancy a recipe just let me know and i'll put together a post!

Sweet and Sour Pork with brown rice - 11 propoints

Spring chicken risotto with pesto bread - 14 propoints

Courgette, Pepper and Spinach pasta - 10 propoints

Pan Fried cod with rice - 10 Propoints

My phone battery died so I didn't get a picture of this!

My favourite from the week has to be the Risotto. You got such a big portion and it was very filling. I've got a soft spot for Italian dishes.  Plus chicken is my favourite meat however boring that may be!


  1. mmmmm I love all the recipes in the magazine too because they are seasonal. That risotto does look good x

  2. That risotto looks amazing!

    Maria xxx

  3. that food looks seriously yummy - making me hungry x

  4. Happy new year www.adoramehitabel.blogspot.com

  5. The sweet and sour chicken looks completely yummy!

  6. Mmm, it all looks good! Good luck with loosing weight, don't give in :) xx


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