Blogger babes #1

I never thought for one minute that i'd make real friends from the world of blogging. So many of them have graduated from 'internet friends' to people who I geniunely count as some of my actual friends. They had been there for me when times have been tough and they never fail to make me laugh. It also helps that they put up with some of my crazy talk and totally get my quirks! Here are just a few of my favourite blogs and the people who have made blogging so worthwhile.  I'm going to sound like a totel fangirl!

I was going to do this all in one hit but when I started writing it the list started getting longer.  So i'm going to spilt it up. This is in no particular order!

Bow Dream Nation

Hannah never fails to make me laugh nor fails to not tell you as it is. She's the one girl who is always up for an evening out and the one I can count on to join me in that drink. Even if she does come from the south of the river... She's also a fantastic enabler and helps me spend money I don't always have! Totes a diamond!

City Girl Fashion Box

This girl taught that spending £20.50 is more than acceptable for a blusher. Have you seen her collection? She clearly has too many and should *ahem* pass some onto me! She has a knack of making me laugh out loud with her saucy texts and always seem to know some cracking discount codes. Certainly one to follow!

Elle Yeah

The token Frenchie is absolutely bonkers but this is the very reason why she's amazing. She is so funny without even realising it and I wish I was as cool as her! Here's to many more drunken gatherings in Australia aka West London!

My Sentimental Heart

Sarah is one of the most genuine people I know - I haven't known her long but I can't imagine she's not got a bad bone in her body. She makes me green with envy over her fantastic wardrobe. Check out her blog for stylish outfits. It makes me want to be more sensible and invest in something other than Primark!

A Million Dresses

Sarah is honestly one of the nicest people I know - I feel like I have so much in common with her. She is always there when you want a chat and offers some great encouragement. Not to mention she's a complete baking queen. That Victoris Sponge she made for the Leamington Bloggers meet was delish!

Look out for some more bloggers coming in the next few weeks!


  1. It definitely sounds like Sandiford is sending you sexy love messages! Haha! I agree with everything you say about the lovely ladies :) xx

  2. will check these babes out, they all look gorgeous and sound lovely :)

  3. AAAAAH! Love love love Sophie! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. I LOVE YOU TOO, SOPHIE! You never fail to crack me up and I can only wish I was as cool as you!

    - The Token Frenchie xx

  5. Some really lovely ladies here!

    Maria xxx

  6. Ahhh what a really nice positive post!

    Jen xx

  7. Haha declaring my LOVE on the internet! Thank you for always being thjeir for my moans/ texts / food porn slash hunger slash i want to eat the world xxx

  8. n'aww big love to the blog ladies! love a little bit of Sarah (amilliondresses). her cakes really are the best (shall we relocate to her house?) xx

  9. Aww, such a lovely post! xx



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