Lacey Lady

Blue navy lace dress: Primark
Blue coat: H&M
Red slipper shoes: Primark
Navy tights: Primark
Gem statement necklace: Primark

I don't very often wear short dresses but this one reminded me of a zara dress I saw so I thought i'd treat myself. It's verging on slightly being indecent but with thick tights I can get away with it. I do feel much more at home in a midi though! I did try to attempt a mini cheat beehive using a bumpit but you can't really see in this picture. Once day i'm going to attempt a real one - it's just finding the time!

Not much is happening this week - i'm aiming to squeeze in a cinema trip. I've got an unlimited Cineworld card and seem to have turned into a film geek. I can't wait to see Gangster Squad. I'm quite happy to watch a few hours of Ryan Gosling! Homeland will also hopefully feature heavily this week if I have my way! I'm loving the fact that not much has been going on these last few weeks in term of a social life.  Sometimes it's nice to just plod around. December was such a hectic month and my bank account is slightly weeping. So I can't really do anything even if I wanted!

Hope you all have a good week :)


  1. This is gorgeous! Love the dress and the pop of red in the shoes! Lucky you seeing a bit of Gosling too, I'd happily stare at him for hours! xo

  2. Adore this outfit Sophie!

  3. Love this dress, especially with the shoes! Gosling is my favourite too, very jealous!

    Maria xxx

  4. mmm can't wait to see Gangster Squad either! love the red shoes! xx

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. You look gorgeous, Sophie! Can we please have a movie night soon so we can both drool over Ryan's pretty face (and fit bum)? Thank you!

    -Elodie x

  7. LOVE the splash of red from the shoes! x

  8. I love this on you, I saw the dress in Primark yesterday and was wondering how to wear it as daywear (and if it could be worn as daywear) and yes it can, you look great! I can see the mini beehive by the way :) very cute.

    Unlimited cinema card sounds amazing, enjoy being a film buff/geek. Have you seen The Life of Pi yet? I am enjoying plodding along at the moment too, the aim for me is just to survive January and to give my bank card a rest, lol.

    Janine xx

  9. This dress is so similar to the Zara one! Love the red shoes, too. x

  10. Hello lacey lady who looks divine! I love the dress!
    Jealous that you have your cinema card.. we used to always go cinema! I wanna be a film geek again! XX

    The Littles.


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